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McDonalds? Seriously? C’mon guys let’s be a bit more high browed than that shall we?

My advice to you is find your closest Asian friend and have them guide delicious dumplings to your face. And if you can’t seem to find that Asian friend of yours consult this list and I shall guide thee.

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1132 Dundas Street West

Top o' the list. Walk here, cab here, steal someone’s long board and longboard here, just get here. 24 hour brunch menu, poutines, burgers, they have everything here. All your drunken little heart could ask for.

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1112 Queen Street West

After the bar closes/you were kicked out for throwing candle wax at everybody, you then decide to go to Poutini’s. Poutini’s is a zoo at this time, and if you can withstand the line and not opt for the quicker street meat option, trust me it’s so so worth it, you will be the most satisfied. Bottles of Sriracha empty as stomachs fill with tasty perfectly portioned poutines.

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200 Victoria Street

The grandmother of drunk food. Those poor, poor server’s putting up with it all. Whatever, they signed up for it. I’m just here to eat an absurd amount of pancakes. And hopefully not puke on the floor.

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Burrito Boyz

218 Adelaide Street

How about a 5 lbs burrito in the middle of the night right before you’re about to pass out? I’m sure consuming all that food will help ease tomorrow’s hangover. #winning.

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7 West Cafe

7 Charles Street West

Open always, come ye drunken fools and satisfy your hunger. This might not be the best place if you’re white girl wasted, as it is a sit down restaurant. If you can sit upright, do come, as the menu is pretty extensive and decently priced.

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Sneaky Dee's

431 College Street

A plate of nachos from Sneaky Dee’s after a night of drinking...why you gotta be so classic like that?

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Various Locations

Let’s be real bitches: this is good food. Especially that filet o fish. Don’t hate.

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Thompson Diner

550 Wellington Street west

If you’re having an after midnight drink after embarrassing yourself, and you're craving a milkshake, come here. Grab a booth, get a fancy hot dog, cry about your ex-boyfriend, feel glamorous.

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Street Meat

Various Street Corners

Bottom of the barrel drunk food. The purpose of these vendors is to feed very drunk messy people. Seriously, who would eat something like this in the daylight? Mayonnaise be flying everywhere, and if you’re lucky, more of the hot dog will end up in your mouth then on your jacket.


296 Brunswick Avenue

Open till 4am on the weekends, why not come sit down here and eat your poutine after the bar, instead of shoveling it in your face whilst standing on some random street corner being talked to by annoying strangers. You can build your own poutine and get portions big enough for the fattest friend in the group; late night food here shall not disappoint any drunken idiot.

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