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Road trips are a freakin' blast year round (k, maybe not in the dead of winter) but nothing beats cruising our gorgeous country in the fall months. Canadian falls are something out of a movie but they don't always last very long, blink and you may be digging your car out from under the snow.

The good news is that the autumn has a few prime road trippin' opportunities including Thanksgiving weekend and fall reading weeks. It's the perfect time to escape the city smog and take in some new sights. So now that we have the 'When?' covered, its time to decide 'Where?"

That's where we come in, call up your buddies, make a new playlist with a fun *~Fall 2014 Roadie~* title, pick a spot & hit the open road!

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The Ride: 130km South of Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a great option for a quick fall road trip. Not only is it beautiful and a completely different experience than the streets of Toronto, it is Ontario's wine country. Most of the wineries offer wine tasting excursions year round, aka wine on wine on wine.

 Length: 1.5 hours

 The Destination: 

Blue Mountain, ON

The Ride: 155 km North of Toronto, Blue Mountain is a party year round but the fall showcases a whole new side with plenty to offer those looking to spend as much time outdoors as possible before the snow hits.

 Length: 2 hours

 The Destination:

  • Treat yourself to a well deserved spa treatment
  • Take in the sights, while drinking cider and taking advantage of Blue Mountains one of a king open air gondola, be sure to check out the Fall Colours Tours if you're there September 27-28

Don't miss out on The Blue Mountains, Apple Pie Trail, for apple picking and pie eating!

Muskoka, ON

The Ride: 200 km North of Toronto, Fall is an incredible time to take a trip to Muskoka. For one, the summer crowds have died down meaning less traffic on your adventure North of the city. Most importantly, Muskoka becomes even more picturesque in the autumn months.

 Length: 2 hours, 15 minutes.

 The Destination:

Do not miss the Muskoka Cookbook Adventure from October 3-5

Pelee Island, ON

The Ride: 380km South West of Toronto, actually the southernmost area of Ontario. Pelee is most commonly known for its beaches but since that's probably not going to happen- womp womp womp- you can also enjoy their well known wineries, some cycling and/or kayaking.

 Length: 5.5 hours

 The Destination:

Take a hike or bike tour through Pelee Island

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Prince Edward County

The Ride: 203 km East of Toronto, perfect for foodies, Prince Edward County offers an array of restaurants, wineries (are you starting to spot the common thread of this list?) and unique food experiences.

 Length: 2 hours

 The Destination: 

  • If you're not that much a wine lover, check out one of Prince Edward County's breweries 
  • Get some R & R at the spa 

Hit the Taste Trail (uhmm yuuuum) Sign up for a cooking class or be the lazy one at the party and just show up to eat, you're on vacation after all.

Tobermory, ON

The Ride: 295 km North, Tobermory may seem like a small place to visit but rent a cottage with some of your closest friends and it's guaranteed to be a unforgettable trip!

Length: 4 hours

 The Destination:

Indulge in some fresh fish and chips 

Ottawa, ON

The Ride: 450km North East of Toronto, our lovely Nation's capital is another beautiful spot to hit up in the fall months.

 Length: 4 hours, 15 minutes.

 The Destination:

  • Take a stroll alongside the Rideau Canal
  • Hit up the Byward Market for Beaver Tails and other sweet treats
  • Enjoy some late night bar hoping across the market (*Bonus, make sure to hit up Zaphod's for at least one drink, you're welcome)

Photo cred - Trevor Pritchard 

Vankleek Hill, ON

The Ride: 494km East of Toronto, refer to themselves as the 'busiest little town in Ontario' because there seems to always be something going on in the Gingerbread Capital of the world- not sure what exactly that means but I ain't mad about it!

 Length: 5 hours

 The Destination:

Do not miss Beau's Oktoberfest happening October 4 and 5 for your chance to indulge in 13 different types of Beau's beers and cider while taking in some live music

Montreal, QC

The Ride: 540 km East of Toronto, Stop in at The Big Apple in Colborne, about an hour outside of Toronto and try some pie while posing for a picture with the massive apple.

 Length: 5 hours

 The Destination: Montreal is that best friend you call when you are in dire need of a guaranteed great time and it never disappoints

New York City, NY

The Ride: 750km South East of Toronto, It may be a bit further than some of the other trips on this list but if you have the time and the money it is totally worth it to head to the big apple in the fall months. On the drive in stop at the duty free to pick up some 2/30$ something or other and hit up the Denny's in Scranton, Pennsylvania (because duuuuh The Office is a great show), you will not regret this trip!

 Length: 7.5 hours

 The Destination: The opportunities are endless!

  • See a broadway show
  • Shop & eat to your hearts content
  • Stroll through Central Park which is at its prettiest during the fall months
  • Catch a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or if you aren't lucky enough to grab tickets to that, grab tickets to his monologue rehearsal, just as good, if not an even better experience!
  • Catch some drinks on a heated rooftop patio, Mad46 is a personal fave
  • Until mid October you can hit up the 'Central Perk' pop up shop made famous by the hit television show, Friends celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the show!

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