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10 Incredible Coastal Towns You Must Visit In Canada

Oceanside gems in the north.

Canada's east and west coasts are lined with gorgeous towns that showcase its natural beauty and wonder. Being situated beside the open ocean lends a sense of allure and mystery to each town that makes them all the more interesting to explore.

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Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world, with over 200,000 kilometres encompassing its edges. This makes it a prime destination for exciting oceanside experiences, such as fishing, kayaking, surfing, whale watching and even iceberg watching. The coastal zones in the country are also home to prominent aquatic industries and sensitive biological communities, so they bear a much greater purpose than just being vacation hotspots.

For your next big trip, a coastal town in Canada would definitely be a worthwhile destination to consider. There are several coastal destinations in various provinces across the country to choose from, and each of them are great demonstrations of Canadian culture and heritage. Whether you'd like to catch the sunrise or watch the sunset, there's no better place to do it than at the following 10 coastal towns in Canada:

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador

British Columbia


Gibsons is a cozy community in the southwest that serves as the waterway passage to the Sunshine Coast. Its picturesque landscapes and lively waterside scene makes it perfect for loungers and adventurers alike.


Tofino is a small community on Vancouver Island that features some of the most beautiful scenery around, from deep blue lakes to an ancient rainforest. This makes it a great location for those seeking a wilderness retreat.



Port-au-Persil is one of Quebec's most beautiful villages, located in the breathtaking Charlevoix region. The hamlet sits cozily among forest covered hills and is blessed with spendid views of the St. Lawrence.


Tadoussac is particularly known for its amazing whale watching experiences. Visitors will enjoy unique water activities like sea kayaking, surf biking and hiking through the fjords stunning dunes.

New Brunswick

St. Andrews By-the-Sea

St. Andrews By-the-Sea features luxury accommodations, a plethora of leisure activities and some of the best seafood you'll ever have. It is also filled with several heritage sites that will satisfy any history buff.


Grande-Digue is a close-knit community brimming with old world charm. Travellers looking for a rural escape will find it here, as it offers all the peace and quiet you could ever ask for.

Nova Scotia

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Lunenburg is one of Nova Scotia's most beautiful towns, with its colourful buildings and beautiful landscapes. It's a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its unique architecture and historic sites.

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove is a rural community that contains Peggy's Point Lighthouse, one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. The town is blessed with stunning views of the Atlantic and boasts a vibrant fishing culture.

Prince Edward Island

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Cavendish is more than just a hotspot for potato farming - it also features wonderful red beaches, award-winning resorts and charming museums that are all worth experiencing.

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North Rustico

North Rustico is a resort hub in the northern part of PEI's Queens County. It's home to the world-famous Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Suppers, which is a nautical-themed restaurant that serves amazing surf and turf options.

Newfoundland and Labrador

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Trinity is a charming community that is rich with Maritime culture and history. Many of its houses, museums and art galleries are still preserved from the 18th century.

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Twillingate is a cozy town along Newfoundland's northeastern coast. It is home to Iceberg Alley, which receives a slew of floating icebergs from the north every spring.