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10 Lazy Rivers That Are Absolutely Perfect For Tubing In Canada

There's nothing more relaxing than floating on a river. The gentle moving current, the sun on your face and the drink in your hand have the uncanny ability to make your troubles disappear, one by one. It seems like nothing in the world can disturb your peace in those few hours.

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In Canada, there are several lazy rivers with currents slow enough for achieving that moment of tranquility. Most of the rivers aren't slow-moving the entire way through, but they have several sections that are perfect for lazy tubing.

Here are 10 lazy rivers in Canada that are absolutely perfect for tubing:

Capilano River

North Vancouver, BC

Capilano River is a great tubing location for those looking for a quick escape because it's relatively close to the city. Certain sections of the river are calm enough to enjoy a carefree, two-hour floating session.

Penticton River

Penticton River is one of Canada's most iconic spots for lazy river tubing. Its gentle waters and spaciousness make it perfect for floating in, though you can expect a lot of visitors enjoying the 2-hour ride with you. You can rent tubes an avail of a shuttle service at this location.

Elbow River

Calgary, AB

Elbow River is a family-friendly spot, thanks to its relatively shallow waters. On a really hot day, the cool waters make for a calm and refreshing journey. Just remember to wear your life vests as you float, as such is required by local law.

Pembina River

Entwistle, AB

Pembina River experiences frequent fluctuations in water level, so tubers need to check what they are before heading out to make sure the waters aren't too high for tubing (Environment Canada has a useful chart). In the middle of the river, you'll be treated to a journey through a beautiful, 62-metre gorge.

Saugeen River

Hanover, ON

Saugeen River is located within an popular RV park in Ontario and it's a great place for families to take a dip. Alcohol is permitted in the campsites near the river, however it cannot be brought along for a tubing session. The route can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

Elora Gorge

Elora, ON

Elora Gorge is known for having some rougher currents, but it has several areas along its length that are calm enough for tubing. For more information, check out the Grand River Authority's website.

Gaspereau River

Gaspereau, NS

Gaspereau River is a gorgeous location in the Annapolis Valley that receives water levels appropriate for tubing around mid- to late August. Tubers who choose to take this lengthy river ride should consider taking multiple vehicles with the to save them the trouble of hiking back to their starting point.

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