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10 Memorable Celebrity Quotes About Toronto

Will Smith and more show the 6ix some love.
10 Memorable Celebrity Quotes About Toronto

It's genuinely hard to find a celebrity that said they didn't enjoy themselves after having touched down in Toronto. It's almost like finding a needle in a haystack would be easier. With celebrities coming to town for TIFF, performances, film and/or TV shoots, and more, many of your favourite celebs can't seem to get enough of the vibes and culture we have to offer.

So we rounded out the best quotes from a variety of big names about our great city. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Robert Pattinson

Pattinson has spent quite a bit of time in the city between shooting 3 films 'Cosmopolis', 'Maps to The Stars' and his latest film 'Life' and many appearances at Tiff. He raved about Toronto being one of the most dog-friendly cities he's ever seen in a TIFF red carpet interview.

"I love walking my dog here. There's so many great places, it's such a dog-friendly city. It's such a different place in the summertime, everything's great. And then in the winter, I don't think I saw a single person on the street."

2. Mike Myers

Of course he's from Scarborough in the east end of the city and even has a street named after him. Though the Austin Powers comedian has mentioned a few times that his character in the comedy classic Wayne's World was in reference to him growing up in what were then the suburbs of Scarborough.

"Everything I do is autobiographical in some way. 'Wayne's World' was me growing up in the suburbs of Toronto and listening to heavy metal, and 'Austin Powers' was every bit of British culture that my father, who passed away in 1991, had forced me to watch and taught me to love."

3. Mark Wahlberg

Yes Marky Mark, one of the biggest movie stars in the world is a big fan of Toronto. It's where he opened up the first of his Wahlburgers restaurants outside of the U.S. and dubbed it a "tastemaker town" in an interview that he gave during TIFF two years ago.

"This is a tastemaker town. I feel people have always said if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere but I truly believe that applies to Toronto as well."

4. Robert Downey Jr.

During a TIFF press conference for his 2014 film 'The Judge', the Iron Man star was late and when asked why, he blamed the city's heavy traffic and infrastructure. This was followed by a witty statement recommending we get zip lines to take people around downtown because well...if you live here you know getting from point A to point B will never happen as fast as you want it too.

“We’re running late! This has to do with the infrastructure of your city, I’m going to set up a zip-line system!”

5. Daniel Radcliffe

The 'Harry Potter' star has spent his time after the massive movie franchise he dedicated his childhood to filming different projects. This includes 'The F Word', a 2014 romantic comedy that was filmed and set in Toronto. Being in the city for two months filming turned Radcliffe into a fanatic of the city's people and, like many beef-loving residents, The Burger's Priest as he explained.

"I always think if you can judge a city by their film crews which I normally do, then Toronto's an amazing place. The crew we had was so fun and welcoming. I love Burger's Priest, I just recommended it to somebody else."

When asked about the burger franchise's secret menu, he responded,

"Well yeah of course, do you think I'm going to order off the normal menu?"

6. Drake

Yes, the 6 God and Toronto's global ambassador across the board preaches the fact he's from this city nearly every chance he gets. Though in his music and various interviews he has given, this one stood out to us.

"I just remember a time when there was an extreme obsession with American culture and that's where all the superstars and rap was but for me I always was like no there's things here that the world needs to see. I was never just proud but fascinated with this city, with the island influence we have here, the way people talk, the way people carry themselves, the little trends, but my Toronto that I grew up in was always what I wanted to put on the forefront if I ever got the chance."

7. Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night talk show host is no stranger to showing appreciation to Toronto. When former Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack and made international headlines, Kimmel was the only talk show host to personally invite Ford to be on his show in Hollywood (of course he infamously and uncomfortably poked fun at the mayor numerous times). However, it was Kimmel's tour of Toronto from 2011 with Guillermo that's filled with many gems about Sugar Beach, the Blue Jays, and Celine Dion's star on the Canada's Walk of Fame on King St. W. Some gems include, but are not limited to:

"Do you know why they call it Sugar Beach, Guillermo? Because you're so sweet."- Jimmy Kimmel

"Do you know the Toronto Blue Rays, the baseball team."- Guillermo

"I prefer the DVD's but the Blu Rays are good as well."- Jimmy Kimmel

Photo cred - Exclaim

8. Prince

Yes that Prince at one point lived in a mansion in the city's Bridle Path area and even recorded his 2004 album 'Musicology' solely in the Greater Toronto Area. He would even be spotted across the city including at Toronto Raptors games. On a press run for that album he told The Canadian Press just exactly why he was proud to be a temporary resident of the city.

"I love Toronto. It's a real melting pot in every sense of the word. There's all sorts of different people everywhere you go. There's all sorts of great music, great restaurants and great night spots."

Photo Cred - Torontoist

9. Jay Baruchel

The 'This Is The End' actor is a Montrealer at heart, but recently decided to make the move to Toronto in large part due to Quebec's politics and since he's working on different projects here all the time. In an interview, Baruchel said he now prefers living here to Montreal and that his preconceived notions about Toronto are simply not true.

"You come here and it really is a pretty diverse place. Just some of the issues, some of the editorial subject matter in Quebec — it’s from 100 years in the past, man. I wake up here and I’m just a dude in a city. And when I go outside and speak English, it’s not a loaded or political deed of any kind. I’m just living. There’s just way less headaches here. Everything is a bit easier here."

Photo Cred - Brantford Expositor

10. Will Smith

The actor has spent the summer filming 'Suicide Squad' in the city along with stars such as Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, and more. Better than that though, he showed his appreciation for the city not in a quote per say but a Facebook photo caption "Chillin in the hotel. Lovin' the 6"

AND he's up to date on the city's nicknames. Keep at it Will!

Did we forget anyone important? Let us know in the comments below!

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