10 New Toronto Bars To Watch A Leafs Game At Least Twice This Season

BeLeafin' in Beer!

Photo cred - Duke's Refresher

Since we can't rely on the leafs winning it's important that we are able to rely on something- BEER! Obviously catching a game at the Air Canada Centre when the Leafs play on home ice is the ideal but since we don't always have the funds to do so, we must settle for the next best thing, Buddies and Beers.

There are a lot of places to catch the game across the city that is for sure. You may find yourself all too often settling for the easy, larger, franchise bars when it gets close to puck drop but we wanted to highlight some newer or more underrated spots to catch the game. We've already made plans with our friends to conquer all these spots this season at least twice, maybe all in one night, who's with us?

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The Marquis of Granby

418 Church St

My friends and I love the Granby, in fact I'm pretty sure my friends are part owners because they spent the better part of the last year there. They have $4 house beer and everything else, including the food, is reasonably priced. It's a great spot for Ryerson students to stumble into post-evening classes in time for puck drop.

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The Dock Ellis

1280 Dundas Street West

Dock Ellis is the name of an American pitcher who infamously threw out a no-hitter while high off acid, so he was kind of a good time and so is this bar! The Dock Ellis implements a craft beer policy, which we love because frankly we're sick of Coors. The food is reasonably priced and the drinks are reasonably priced which make for a happy Leafs fan.

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GameDay on College

614 College Street

GameDay on College recently saw some improvements when they came under new management in November. The new menu features deliciousness such as the Gameday Burger Panko crusted deep fried cheddar cheese and jalapeno guacamole. There are daily food special, since we're always on a budget. Also, they have $5 PBR so what are we waiting for? I'll meet you there! They're currently undergoing a bit of a facelift to their bar and kitchen so we can only imagine how nice it is going to be when it's done, stay posted to their facebook page to make sure they are open next game day!

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Shark Club

10 Dundas Street East

So Shark Club has been open for just over a year now making this it's sophomore season, meaning things will probably be even better than last year. They do this fun thing during Leafs game where you pick a numbered puck out of a bin and the number you choose corresponds with the jersey number of a player, if that player scores, free shots for the table! Also, if the game falls on a Wednesday you're in luck, $5 pound of wings and $5 pints of Canadian. On the other days of the week they generally have good food and drink specials.

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Duke's Refresher

382 Yonge Street, #8

Duke's opened on Yonge & Gerrard last December so this is it's first full leafs season and it is a great option, especially if you're also hungry because the food is kind of killer. The atmosphere of this bar is rad because they have old vintage movies playing on some tv's while the game plays on others, not to mention the background music and band t-shirts that the staff wear-awesome vibes. We almost forgot to mention that they have 40 beers on tap and offer 3oz samples, at only $1.45, of the different kinds so you can get it just right in time for puck drop.

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Boots 'N' Bourbon Saloon

725 Queen Street East

First of all, their website slogan is 'Ride East... We have bigger horses' so we're sold. Lately Toronto's developed a strong love for country music and so comes this super fun cowboy bar. Okay, so right now you're probably thinking it isn't the best place to catch a game because it's not a sports bar by our familiar definition, wrong! This place is the shit. It's always super fun and like any good Toronto bar they know that when it comes to game day you give us our hockey. Beer, hockey, Happy Torontonian.

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Brazen Head Pub

165 East Liberty Street

Brazen Head Pub in Liberty Village may not be new but it had TFC fans overjoyed during the summer so we think they are a great addition to the Leafs Support Group Bar Hoping Circuit (if that's not already a real thing, it needs to be) this season. Irish Pubs may not always scream hockey game bar but the staff here are super friendly, the beer is great and the finger food options are vast.

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The Local

171 East Liberty Street

The Local in Liberty Village may not be the first spot that comes to your mind when you think about where to catch the hockey game with your buds but that's why we're here to help! The Local has amazing food and deals on beer and wine every night of the week. In between periods challenge your most competitive bro to a battle at the shuffle board table.

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El Furniture Warehouse

410 Bloor Street West

We've already covered their cheap and delectable eats, so now it is time to combine the delicious-ness that is El Furniture Warehouse with some Leafs. The drinks are regularly priced but the staff are super friendly and if the Leafs game isn't already on all you have to do is ask and they are happy to oblige. It gets pretty busy closer to and over the weekend so if that isn't your scene you may want to clear out after the game. Overall, if you want to watch the game, enjoy a beer or two and get some cheap grub this is the spot for you.

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The Imperial Pub

54 Dundas Street East

Okay, do definitely not new unless you count 1944 as new but totally underrated. Why do people not love watching the game at Imperial? The pints are cheap and they play the game, who cares if the decor is a bit of a throwback? If you've been avoiding it all these years give er' a go this season and we're willing to bet you'll be back for a second go around by the time our beloved leafs get eliminated.

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