10 Of The Best Toronto Social Media Accounts

Proof we're living among the best.

Okay, so by now we’re well aware that Toronto is a world-class city. What’s one of the telling signs that we’re up there with New York, LA, and London in terms of status? It’s by our social media footprint of course.

The more a city’s got going on, the more people want to talk, share and show off about it. Concerts, fashion, celebrities and our famous skyline all get lots of love on accounts followed by thousands of people. The following is a round-up of some of the best social media accounts that represent our city. Some are staples that have been around for a while and only continue to grow while others are up-and-coming and doing our city #proud.

1. DufferinMallOfficial

Parody Instagram Account

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which it is, but it also makes us laugh out loud. Dufferin Mall is an often joked about budget shopping centre in the city's west end, but let's be real--we've all either gotten our eyebrows threaded there or felt blessed we were near a discount grocery store (shout out to No Frills).

This parody Instagram account light heartedly makes fun of the mall's often strange selection of stores along with the concept of stores who have no business maintaining a social media presence by doing exactly just that. You end up with a hilarious Insta account that locals can knowingly laugh at. It now seems to be defunct (the owner had previously asked their followers if anyone wanted to take over and there was an overwhelming response that they should keep it going, however no posts have been made recently).

Check it out here

Photo cred - Stuffdrakedoes

2. Stuff Drake Does

Parody Twitter account

Drake is a proud representative of the 6, he raps about it any chance he gets. Not only is he a proud Torontonian, having played a pivotal role in one of our country's finest teen's shows but he's also known to be a pretty sensitive guy. Someone took this notion to the extreme and started the Twitter account @stuffdrakedoes. It features faux emotional situations he's been in or things he's said.

Gems include "A week has passed. Drake sits in his armchair in darkness, contemplating as his phone lights up his face. "Where are we?" he texts Madonna" and "3am. Drake sits stalking an ex on Facebook. Her most recent status reads "What can I go as for Halloween?" "Just be yourself," he comments.

Check it out here

Photo cred- Side Walk Hustle (Best Coast show at Yonge and Dundas for NXNE)

3. Sidewalkhustle

City life Instagram account

What's it like to live in Toronto and be a part of our scene? Just take a look at Sidewalkhustle's Instagram account. Primarily a blog, they have an Insta that rivals the main site. It's a snapshot, albeit a fantastic one at the people, places and things that make our city so good.

Check it out here

4. Visionelie

Photography Instagram account

Near the top of the fresh and creative hierarchy running Toronto stands photographer and artist Elie, the visionary behind visionelie. His use of symmetry and the cool toned paa he filters his photos with give his snaps a chic, cold vibe (not wholly unlike our city).

Check it out here

Photo cred- Jennifer's Instagram

5. Jennifer_cee

Fashion Instagram account

Jennifer has that minimal, a-line, one tone colour scheme that's basically everywhere right now. What makes her stand apart is that she was one of the purveyors of the style in recent years. She's also the mastermind behind MTV's Fora website, an awesome Canadian online space for fashion and beauty.

Check it out here

Photo cred- Bang Bang's Instagram

6. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Food Instagram account

We're a city of foodies and we eat up any new trend that comes our way. Hopefully ice cream sandwiches will be here to stay. Part of what's made Bang Bang so popular is how elusive it first was when it came to Toronto. When the site was first up, there was no phone number to call and ask for the shop's hours and you had no way of knowing the flavours available except by going in or speaking to someone who'd tried it. Now, they're a little more reachable with a drool worthy Instagram account that's making us consider joining the late-night Ossington crowd, not for drinks but for two scoops of burnt toffee goodness.

Check it out here

Photo cred- Claudio's Instagram

7. Claudio Aprile

Celebrity Chef Instagram account

This guy's become synonymous with Toronto cuisine. He's the restauranteur behind what was formerly 'Colborne Lane' and currently stands as 'Origin.' He's also one of the judges on Master Chef Canada. If there's one person in this city that knows which wine to pair with your meal or simply where the best food in the city will be it's this guy, and he'll share that with you via his social media.

Follow him here

8. Street Art in Toronto

Graffiti Instagram account

Toronto's home to some world class graffiti (no longer an oxymoron). We've had the likes of Banksy and Toronto artist Anser grace our walls. The best way to navigate the diamonds in the rough is to follow Street Art in Toronto's Instagram account for all styles of graffiti--to find the ones you want to snap pics of for yourself. You may even discover an amazing piece right in your own 'hood.

Check it out here

9. Cooper Cole

Art gallery Instagram account

Cooper Cole gallery may not sound familiar to the casual art appreciator as this Dupont street gallery is a bit out of the way. What if we told you the artist behind the "You've Changed" sign on West Queen West is showing here? Does that make you want to look into them a little more? Amongst artists like Jesse Harris (whose mural is probably in at least one of your own photos), the gallery showcases contemporary art from Canadian artists.

Check it out here


10. ||Superwoman||

Comedy Youtube Account

Lily Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii is a Scarborough-based Youtuber who posts mostly parody videos ranging from her traditional Indian parents' reactions (whom she plays) to music videos and spoofs of popular Youtube staples such as "How girls get ready". She's funny, smart and even though she spends a lot of her time in L.A. now, reps Toronto whenever she can. She also collabs with other Youtubers including Miranada Sings and fellow Torontonian JusReign.

Check her out here

Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @NarcityToronto!