Although Ontario doesn't have the benefit of being near a coast, it is still one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. Its plethora of cute towns, majestic parks and breathtaking natural wonders make it the perfect destination for romantic adventures.

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Here are 10 of the most romantic places in Ontario that are relatively off the beaten path:

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Bayfield is a small community on the eastern shore of Lake Huron that offers a relaxing escape from city life. It somewhat resembles Niagara-on-the-Lake, with its cute boutiques and picturesque scenery.

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Point Pelee


Point Pelee National Park is home to songbirds and monarch butterflies which add to its overall romantic atmosphere. A wooden boardwalk that traverses across the park's marshes serves as a scenic path for an intimate stroll with your partner.

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Bell Park


Bell Park is a public park on the west end of Lake Ramsey in Sudbury. Two gazebos, a secluded beach and a shoreline boardwalk are available for you and your partner to explore.

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Grace Lake


Grace Lake is so beautiful that it was the subject of one of the Group of Seven's classic paintings. Whether you choose to sit right by the lake or view it from one of the elevated lookouts in Killarney Provincial Park, it will certainly get you and your date in a romantic mood.

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Agawa Canyon

Sault Ste. Marie

Agawa Canyon is a shallow valley that was created 1.2 billion years ago via faulting by the Canadian Shield. An elevated hiking trail leads to a lookout that provides a breathtaking view of the entire area. For an even greater adventure, you could also take your date on a train ride that cuts through the canyon.

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Lanark County

Almonte is a small town that's known for its lively events and festivals. One of the most beautiful features of the town is the Mississippi Mills waterfall, which is lit up in colour at night.

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Spencer Smith Park


Spencer Smith Park is so pretty that it's become a popular site for wedding photo shoots. Cherry blossom trees, paths by the water and a small beach make it the perfect retreat to go to if you aren't looking to venture too far from Toronto.

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Benjamin Islands


The Benjamin Islands is a small grouping of pink granite islands in the Manitoulin region. You and your partner can go on nature walks in the area, or watch the boats on the lake sail into the sunset.

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Perth County

Stratford's lively theatre scene and Shakespearean flair make it a great destination for couples who love art and performances. A stroll through the town's streets will lead you to several cute shops and buildings to explore.

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Little Cove

Georgian Bay

Little Cove has a beautiful rock beach that overlooks the majestic Lake Huron. There's tons to explore in the surrounding area, from forested areas to rugged cliffs.

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