10 Of Toronto's Sexiest Male Doctors

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10 Of Toronto's Sexiest Male Doctors

Toronto is a city filled with good looking people. We've recognized models, bartenders, dancers, bloggers and social media hotties.

All these people are exciting to look at but what about Toronto's hottest male Doctors? There's nothing better than seeing a handsome face when that throbbing toothache kicks in (or when you're getting a new pair of tatas? ) Here's a list of mouth watering ?  plastic surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, and even veterinarians.  ?

Photocred- Dr. Dimitrios Motakis 

1.Dr. Dimitrios Motakis// Plastic Surgeon

2. Joe Listro// Chiropractic

3. Adam Ohayon// Dentist

4. Alan Ali// Chiropractic

Photocred - Altima Dental

5. Ted Panteli// Dentist

6. Shayne Fryia// Chiropractic

7. Charles Botbol// Dentist

Photocred - LinkedIn

8. Michael Kotkos// Veterinarian

9. Daniel Demian// Chiropractic

Photocred - LinkedIn

10. Dr. Peter Bray

Who will you be paying your next visit to?