10 Ontario Universities As Pokémon

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10 Ontario Universities As Pokémon

Pokémon is a force to be reckoned with. Conceived in 1995 by mastermind Satoshi Tajiri, the multibillion dollar franchise still somehow manages to stay relevant in today's world. And, with the recent release of Pokémon Go, even adults are captivated by the hype; perhaps even more so than children.

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In honour of the sudden resurgence of Pokémon into the mainstream, we've paired 10 Ontario universities with their Pokémon equals. We only used first-generation Pokémon (that is, from the first 151) because original is always best. Read on to find out if your school got the Pokémon you wanted:

University of Toronto // Mewtwo

The University of Toronto shares a few similarities to Mewtwo that may not be immediately obvious. Perhaps the most notable commonality is that the two are both powerful and intelligent in their respective realms. Mewtwo, who was the result of a scientific cloning experiment, was smart enough to question his own existence and even devised a plan to take revenge over his creators (humans) shortly after being born. It wasn't long before the entire Pokémon universe became familiar with his name, in the same way that people in Canada and around the world know of UofT.

Like Mewtwo, UofT students are driven primarily by curiosity and the desire to find answers. In fact they are so dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge that they can sometimes be little aggressive or give off an arrogant attitude in their pursuits. But despite this, UofT students still have the capacity to love and be compassionate towards others, just like Mewtwo.

University of Waterloo // Pikachu

The University of Waterloo and Pikachu are most alike in that they are both extremely reliable. Pikachu has been Ash's trusty companion since day one, and there was never been a moment where Ash couldn't rely on Pikachu to get the job done. Like Pikachu, UW students are also people pleasers, and having solid backgrounds in co-op makes them reliable employees to have in any company.

Both Pikachu and UW students both pick things up fairly quickly, making them easy to train. In general they are both more dedicated to activities that contribute to their self-improvement than they are to fun and games. On a separate note, Pikachu's electric-type background could also be compared to UWaterloo's focus on technology-related solutions and engineering.

Ryerson University // Squirtle

Ryerson students and Squirtle are both known for their generally outgoing and bubbly personalities. In the same way that Squirtle was often a source for comic relief in the show, Ryerson students know how to reduce tensions in stressful situations. At the same time, although they have a tendency to goof around, Ryerson students are still very hardworking and always strive to go beyond what they're expected of, just like Squirtle.

Ryerson students are tough like a Squirtle's shell and are not so easily discouraged by others. You can refer to their school as "Rye High" or devalue their achievements; but just like Squirtle, Ryerson students will keep truckin' on.

York University // Magikarp

York University and Magikarp are both immensely underestimated. In the Pokémon world, trainers often overlook Magikarps because they hold the distinction of being mostly useless. Similarly, York University is typically the butt of every joke among Ontario universities, regardless of the countless awards and achievements that it has under its belt. But just like Magikarps, which are able to survive in even the most polluted ponds, York students are immune to the venomous insults and harsh criticisms that are often thrown at them.

Another similarity between York University and Magikarp is their potential for great things. As underplayed as they are, York University is teeming with talented students who are destined to make significant contributions to society in the future. Like Magikarp waiting to evolve into Gyarados, York students will someday have their glo-up too.

University of Guelph // Eevee

The University of Guelph and Eevee are most similar in that they are both well-rounded. Eevee is well-rounded in the sense that it has 8 evolutionary forms that it could eventually turn into, each being of a different element type. Guelph students are also well-rounded, as they are able to maintain good grades and a healthy social life simultaneously . Like Eevees, which are highly receptive to training, Guelph students are also easy to teach and often become valuable members of the workforce.

Additionally, Guelph students are generally playful and friendly in the same way that Eevees are. They take their time learning new things and have a versatility that is to be admired. As trainers in the Pokémon world are drawn to Eevees, employers in the real world are often drawn to Guelph students.

Wilfrid Laurier University // Clefairy

Laurier students and Clefairy are similar in that they both have kind personalities. Laurier students are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and they're always down to go out and have a good time. That being said, like Clefairy, Laurier students are also most alive at night, and can be seen roaming King St 'til the wee hours of the morning.

Clefairy is known for having strong religious beliefs and regularly participates in worship activities. Laurier students are the same... that is, when it comes to partying. Laurier students live to party - Phil's is their church and dancing is their worship.

Queens University // Starmie

Queens University and Starmie share the same trait of being obnoxiously fabulous. Both of them represent themselves with a bright shade of royal purple (for Queens, I refer to their logo) that perfectly describes that fabulousness. They also tend to have very flashy appearances - Starmie has a freaking ruby in the middle of its body for god sakes, and Queens students often flaunt expensive clothes and gear (this fits in with the overly exaggerated stereotype that all Queens students are super rich).

Like Starmie, Queens students get great satisfaction from being trusted. This motivates them to do whatever it takes to impress others and to make sure that they uphold that trust. Despite their tendency to stick out in a crowd, both Queens students and Starmie are friendly and make sure everyone's included.

Western University // Jigglypuff

Western students and Jigglypuff are similar in more ways than you probably think. The curly, pink physique of Jigglypuff could be representative of the girly-girl stereotype that Western students are commonly faced with. But appearances can be misleading - like Jigglypuff, Western students have an inner toughness that is unleashed whenever anyone tries to push them around.

Both Western students and Jigglypuff love the spotlight. When Jigglypuff has a mic in hand, he commands the stage and makes sure everyone listens. Western students are the same way - they are loud, vibrant, and easy to pick out in a crowd.

McMaster University // Vulpix

McMaster students and Vulpix are both known for their wisdom. They both strive to maintain balance in their lives and to make the most out of every opportunity. Like Vulpix, McMaster students tend to be more quiet and private compared to other students, but they aren't opposed to having a good time. In that sense, they are well-rounded and have a good grasp of responsibility.

Both McMaster students and Vulpix prioritize loyalty and realness in the company they keep. They are go-getters at heart and are never content just sitting around. Success fuels their fire and serves as their motivation for working hard.

Brock University // Machamp

Brock University is stereotyped as a jock school, so naturally, Machamp is it's Pokémon representative. Aside from their brawny character, both Brock students and Machamp are daring, bizarre and adventurous at heart, and they are usually the first in line to try new things.

Like Machamp, Brock students prefer to work independently despite being excellent team players. They know what they want and aren't afraid to do what it takes to get it; however, this quick, decisive nature sometimes causes them to cross the line and take things a little too far.

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