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11 Places In Toronto To Find Your Very Own Harvey Specter

Even if you don't watch Suits, you have had a dream or two about Mr. Harvey Specter. Gabriel Macht plays the hot, successful, and assertive attorney at Person Specter Litt. Inside and outside the courtroom, Harvey is always immaculately dressed and has you drooling every minute that the show is on.

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He has it all: brains, looks and a bad-ass personality. Everything a girl could ask for (plus $$$). So, where can you find yourself a Harvey Specter in Toronto?

WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. There are certain places successful & attractive men hangout at after slaving it out in the office. Note to you and your gfs: ditch all your plans, these places are where you need to be to find your very own Harvey.

Irish Embassy // 49 Yonge St

Order a beer (or a scotch like Harvey would) and act cool. They have marble floors, cathedral ceilings AND upscale bar food #winwinwin! You and your girlfriends can scout out potential Harvey Toronto men all night long.

Drake One-Fifty // 150 York St

Enjoy upscale Canadian dishes in this trendy Financial District hub. Being as though this restaurant is in the heart of it all, you're bound to run into some successful men.

Citizen // 522 King St W

80% of this bar will be older men in suits (10x more likely to find a Bay St bae like Mr. Specter). Like Harvey would say, "I don't play the odds, I play the man." Hang around the front of Citizen to really scout out some potentials.

Bymark // 66 Wellington St Wm

Nestled amongst TD Towers, this spot reflects the dynamic energy of Toronto’s bustling Financial District. You may just run into the Mayor ;).

Canoe // 66 Wellington St W

This space screams stylish & swanky. A restaurant where Harvey would dine with Donna, meaning YOU NEED TO DINE HERE TOO! The view from this restaurant is insane, standing on the 54th floor.

SpeakEasy 21 // 21 Adelaide St W

Cool digs with a Prohibition-era theme. Enjoy some craft cocktails and live music- HOW POSH!

Jacobs // 12 Brant St

Elegance... that is all. Think of where Harvey Specter goes after winning a case. This is that place. A $300 steak screams Harvey Specter.

Harbour Sixty // 60 Harbour St

An extensive wine list for your successful future bae to choose from. Mhhhhhmmmmmm.

The Chase // 10 Temperance St

Rooftop restaurant screams baaaaallllller. Try out this inventive menu while browsing for Harvey baes.

Hy’s Steakhouse // 120 Adelaide St W

"Winners don't make excuses" when it comes to steak. That's why, YOU NEED TO EAT HERE!

The Shore Club // 155 Wellington St W

Have a cocktail Harvey style. This upscale steak & seafood restaurant has a stunning lounge (that you can picture your future Harvey in).

Your Harvey Specter is waiting for you in the city! READY.... SET.... GO FIND HIM!

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