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10 Places You Will Definitely Maybe Spot Drake In Toronto

6God walks among you just have to find him.
10 Places You Will Definitely Maybe Spot Drake In Toronto

When he’s not at the YOLO Estate, he can often be found in his hometown, Toronto—here are Drake’s top 10 views from the 6.

If Drake feels like talking women and vino over Italian food, he will head over to:

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1. Sotto Sotto (RIP)


Photo by Tripadvisor

2. Il Mulino

Drake is a known visitor at these two restaurants, both of which are referenced in his song, ‘Pound Cake,’ featuring Jay-Z.

Photo by The Vine

3. His store on Dundas West

Drake’s OVO store featuring his “6” merchandise opened on December 6, (clever marketing, Drake.) He has since been spotted at the store multiple times.

Photo by We Know Memes

4. A Raptors Game

Because he obviously wants to be a basketball wife. You can almost always spot Drake front row at a Raptors game, lint-roller in hand.

Photo by Young Money HQ

5. BENT Restaurant

Drake celebrated his 28th birthday at Bent in October, alongside Susur Lee and his mom, awweee.

Photo by Urban Islandz

6. Habibiz Restaurant and Café

This is Drake’s go-to spot for belly dancers and shisha. Habibiz even got a spot on his 27th birthday cake.

Photo by Canada Nightlife

7. The Hoxton

Drake has made a few guest appearances at the Hoxton, including his shows alongside Kanye West and Bun B.

Photo by Urban Islandz

8. Yorkville

What better place for a multi-millionaire to hang out than Yorkville, Toronto’s wealthiest neighbourhood full of swanky restaurants and high-end shops. Drake used to own a condo in this neighbourhood and is often spotted in the area.

Photo by Lainey Gossip

9. Muzik

This is the spot where Drake hosts most of his after-parties, including OVO Fest’s and the homecoming party from his tour with The Weeknd.

Photo by The Grape Juice

10. Gangster Burger

Gangster Burger is owned by one of Drake’s old friends William Nguyen. Drake helped his buddy put this burger joint on the map. If you want to check it out, Drake orders the Lucas burger, with Blue Magic cheese sauce.

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