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10 Raccoon GIFS That Prove They Are Worthy Of Love

Even of public memorials, god dammit.
10 Raccoon GIFS That Prove They Are Worthy Of Love

Yesterday's deceased raccoon found on Yonge and Davenport will be remembered as a hero. The small raccoon, which is a close cousin of the marsupial and opossum, was treated to a public procession as numerous bystanders adorned his final place of rest with candles, flowers, and even a framed photo. It was a comic display.

Known by the hashtag, #DEADRACCOONTO, the critter is best remembered by the numerous images of its calm resting state surrounded by various funeral decorations. With the large impact it had on Toronto, one can only assume that it lived life to the fullest. Raccoons are shady little guys, but also pretty damn cute. In turn, I'd like to think that Toronto's own little guy possessed a perfect mix of the two.

GIF cred. - SunsetSovereign

1. Nothing to see here, just going for a casual bike ride. This raccoon does a surprisingly great job of biking I must admit.

GIF cred. - gifsboom

2. Get back here. You aren't climbing that tree today, bud.

GIF cred. - gifsboom

3. Wait, wait, what's going on. Woaaahhh, this IS awesome.

GIF cred. - gifsboom

4. Leeeet me just take that. That little reach though.

GIF cred. - gifsboom

5. Raccoons aren't the most graceful animals, that's for sure. This little dude thinks he has this cat outnumbered, but he's in for a big surprise (NOTE: that sounds like a cheesy tagline for a 90s romantic comedy between a cat and raccoon).

GIF cred. - gifsboom

6. Aweee, you cannot get much cuter than this. For real.

GIF cred. - dailyraccoons

7. Is this real life? A raccoon riding a scooter is TOO good to be true!

GIF cred. - gifsboom

8. Caught in the act. Who you lookin' at human?

GIF cred. - snnowwhitee

9. Going in for the kill. Why won't you just hug me??

GIF cred. - gifsboom

10. This dog & raccoon cuddle sesh is incredible. The dog is quite amused.

Photo cred. - sabre-toothed-kittens

Bonus GIF: Raccoon/Cat spooning just like humans. Look how the raccoon rubs the cat to make things better at the end.

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