As a West Coaster moving across the country, Toronto can come as quite a culture shock. It's like that of an alternate world where everything is polar opposite to that of what you once knew. Upon arrival you realize the trees are few and far between, humidity is a real thing and everywhere is crowded, among more lessons.

Although it's hectic at first, Toronto is one of a kind and us West Coasters have learned to love it. Next to the hustle of downtown, the vintage feel of Liberty Village and the glamour of the Financial District, mixed with a little ocean breeze from the Harbour Front, there's really nothing quite like Toronto. But there are still a few realities that really throw West Coasters for a loop.

1. You thought HST wasn't real and was just a joke.

Now this is just silly.

2. You never saw a rat 'till you moved to Toronto.

Where's rat patrol when you need them?

3. You don't understand why milk comes in bags.

Where are the 4L jugs?

4. You feel slightly claustrophobic in Toronto.

Wide open spaces aren't a thing anymore.

5. You thought all Canadians knew the steps to Cadillac Ranch.

The amount of country bars in Toronto can be counted on one hand.

6. You don't think the Calgary Stampede is a big deal.

You're obviously considered a regular there.

7. You don't understand why people put away their winter gear.

Getting snow in June is completely normal to you.

8. Not everyone's grandparents were farmers.

Who knew?

9. You are actually afraid of being caught in a tornado.

These are regular sightings back on the prairies.

10. You think Hairy Hill and Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump are perfectly normal names of places.

Aren't they?