Ladies in Toronto will make you do a double take- especially the one's with big brains. Toronto is full of sexy, independent and intelligent women. They know how to get what they want and don't let anything stand in their way. Intelligence brings confidence and that is one of the sexiest things in a woman.

So, why are intelligent Toronto ladies the sexiest? Listen up gentlemen:

1. She knows her way around town

If you go out with her then chances are you don't have to worry about getting lost or being late. An intelligent Toronto woman can get herself anywhere, be it a club or a job interview. She's never freaked out about where she is because she knows all the classic Toronto landmarks -- like Ryerson or her favourite store in Kensington Market.

2. She's always on time

Nothing fazes this lady! She knows the fastest ways to get where she's going and knows the daily traffic report. A smart Toronto lady is always on time and never shows up sweaty and out of breath. If the TTC is delayed at Union she simply uses her breathing techniques and finds an immediate solution.

3. She's always the life of the party but never needs taking care of

Everyone always asks her how she holds her liquor so well. She can probably out-drink you at Wildflower but she doesn't go over the limit. She'll kick your a** at pool and sing her way to your heart. You'll never have to hold this girls hair back for her. You ask her to call you a cab - she's got Beck on speed-dial. Intelligent Toronto women know to drink a crap-load of water before a night of clubbing and load up on carbs, Nachos from Sneaky's anyone?

 4. The beer's on her

If you constantly insist to buy her drinks, she will eventually repay the favour. Smart Toronto girls aren't lazy, they make their own money. She works hard and she wants to share the wealth. Next time you have a date at Bier Mart, she's picking up the tab.

5. She knows her way around a conversation

Let's face it, Toronto ladies are not shy. Women from Toronto will provide you with the most stimulating conversations. If you need advice on the chick you picked up at The Maddy on Friday night, she's the one you go to. If you want to have a conversation about the best things to do in Toronto, she's the one you go to. Guarantee you'll find yourself having the time of your life at Cabana Pool Bar or checking out the hottest bands at the Horseshoe Tavern. She's not shy but she's not the one yelling across the subway. A Toronto lady with a brain will be confident enough to stop you on Yonge St. and talk to you if she wants.

6. She's the ultimate TO foodie

If you ask her where she wants to go to eat, she will tell you right away. She will not sit there and order a salad and a water but instead chow down on burgers and french fries. Intelligent Toronto women will guide you through the Polish side of town, Chinese, Thai... you name it and she knows where to go. If half of her Instagram feed ISN'T full of food pictures, she's not from Toronto. You could see pictures of the delicious perogies from Cafe Polonez, the chaotic chicken wings from Bar Hop or her favourite vegan breakfast from D-Beatstro. She often asks, "Do you want the last slice, or what's going on here?" That doesn't keep her from staying in shape though, she's super fit and can probably out run you.

7. She doesn't want to spend every minute of every day with you

Quite frankly, she doesn't want to and she just can't. A smart Toronto girl knows what boundaries are. She knows that if you are going to commit to each other you must accept that you can't spend all your time together. If you are in a relationship with her she will keep her friends and still go downtown for ladies night. You may live in a pretty loft overlooking Toronto with great photo op's of the CN Tower but she will always give you your space. She's independent and needs time by herself.

8. She can change a tire, and fix things on her own

Ok, sometimes females hate killing spiders but we can do other things that men think they have to do. It's sexy if you want to do these things for us but don't be fooled. There's nothing an intelligent women can't figure out if she puts her mind to it. Just moved? She sets up the furniture and paints the walls. Broke down on the 401? She's on top of that s**t like CAA. A girl that knows trades is a girl worth keeping.

9. She's focused

An intelligent lady sets goals and achieves them. She wants to buy a house in the beaches? Not only will she buy that house but she will decorate it so that when you walk in your jaw hits the floor. A lady with focus stays the course - both with you and with her work. Her passion is another thing that makes her incredibly sexy.

10. She always looks great

An intelligent Toronto lady knows how to keep everything on point - especially her shoes and winged eyeliner. Not only does downtown TO have some of the cutest clothing stores, she knows the best one's. She's thrifty and can turn the cheapest clothing into sexy vintage. One day she'll be sporting an ironic T from Black Market and the next she'll have on the cutest dress from I Miss You Vintage. An intelligent lady never stresses and always has a confident glow!