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10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Toronto Over Any Other City

#9. You will 100% find your people here
10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Toronto Over Any Other City

Toronto was named "best place to live" in the world by The Economist earlier this year.  There is a reason why Torontonians are so narcissistic when it comes to their city...because we know it's the best.  If you move here you'll get it too, promise.

There are actually endless reasons to move to Toronto, but here are ten general reasons to help convince you, if you aren't convinced yet:

Photo via Pelli Clarke Pelli

1. There's a city underneath the city.

You don't have to walk outside in the winter to get around.

Photo via Flavorwire

2.  Unique coffee shops outnumber Starbucks locations.

Balzac’s Coffee Roastery located in an old warehouse in the Distillery District is considered one of most remarkable coffee shops in all of Canada.

Photo by John Vetterli via Flikr

3. The Toronto Islands offer an escape from the city.

There are no cars on the islands...but there is an amusement park.

Photo via Ernie Kwong via Flikr

4. The islands also have a number of beautiful beaches.

Including one of the few nude beaches in the country.

Photo via torontoislandsup

5. We have fun ways to get fit.

There is no opportunity more Insta-worthy than paddleboard yoga on the island.

Photo via @bkenny13

6. We have the best food market in the world.

St. Lawrence Market was named best food market in the world by National Georaphic.

Photo by Steven H. via Flikr

7. There's a neighbourhood for everyone.

Greektown, Koreatown, Little India, Little Italy and six Chinatowns. There is a reason Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Photo via @ericacorinne

8. There's even a neighbourhood for hipsters.

Kensington Market is possibly the strangest place on earth, in a good way.

Photo via Kristen McCracken

9. There's a place and a community for anyone who wants to come here.

You will 100% find your people somewhere in Toronto.

Photo via brightside

10. We're just a friendly bunch of people in general.

Unless you walk slow in front of us...then we have a problem.

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