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10 Restaurants In Toronto For People Who Hate Vegetables

What the hell is kale?

In a city full of vegans and fitness gurus, it can be hard to admit that sometimes all we want is a nice, juicy steak. Sure, we can respect that people are against eating animals, but have you ever tried a junior chicken?

If you don't like vegetables, we're here for you! Other than potatoes, a.k.a french fries, is there really any need for produce? Probably not!

So get down with all the other carnivores at these 10 restaurants if you love your meat and would rather pass on the veggies. WARNING: This food may just turn vegetarians back to the dark side!

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1. Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse // 95 Danforth Ave.

Brazilians are better at everything, I swear. This steakhouse offers seafood, beef, lamb, chicken and more with tableside service. Not only do you get an amazing variety of food, you also get to enjoy live entertainment on the weekends!

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2. Caplansky's // 356 College St. & 156 Cumberland Ave.

There is nothing better than a killer sandwich for lunch! If you've ever been to Caplansky's then you know they're not joking around with their smoked meat. Give them a try if you're looking for a loaded sammie paired with a tangy pickle.

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3. Royal Meats BarBeque// 88 Fort York Blvd. & 710 Kipling Ave

This restaurant is a meat lover's dream. Talk about dying and going to heaven when you take a bite of the aged ribeye steak. Need something to share? Try one of six meat or fish platters. It's all worth the hype, I promise!

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4. The Shore Club // 155 Wellington St. West

If surf and turf is your favourite head to The Shore Club. Not only do they offer an amazing selection of both fish and meat but there is a cute cocktail bar to boot! What are you waiting for?


5. Ethiopiques Ethiopian Restaurant // 227 Church St.

Not only will Ethiopiques blow your taste buds away, it'll also get you to try some delicious Ethiopian food. Dishes made of lamb, chicken and steak will satisfy your meaty needs.

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6. Quinn's Steakhouse and Irish Bar // 96 Richmond St. West

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin. We know that steakhouses are a staple for people who don't eat vegetables but Quinn's is all kinds of amazing. They have an absurd collection of steak and fish entrees, plus a Lobster Mac and Cheese that will change your life.

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7. La Palette // 492 Queen St. West

This French restaurant serves up classics like escargot, frog legs, and tartares. They also keep it simple with steak, chicken and fish for those who love meat but are still kinda picky about it!

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8.  Bestellen // 972 College St.

Focused on locally sourced meat, Bestellen is ideal for someone who isn't super into vegetables. Sure they offer three sides made of vegetables but if you can order a whole pig you know where the loyalty lies. Chef Rob Rossi serves up amazing plates and platters you'll love.

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9. Kanga // 65 Duncan St.

This Australian favourite has been serving up meat pies like nobody's business. They also like to mix it up some classics, like chicken pot pie, with others like butter chicken pie. It's easy to see why they're becoming a Toronto hot spot.

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10. Oyster Boy // 872 Queen St. West

Oh shuck yeah! If you're not one for vegetables but love seafood, you definitely need to try out Oyster Boy. Not only do they have the best seafood, you can also take a class on shucking or buy some fresh oysters for yourself!

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