10 Road Trip Ideas Near Toronto That Aren’t Muskoka

Broaden your road trip horizons!
10 Road Trip Ideas Near Toronto That Aren’t Muskoka

There's no better time to hit the road with your friends than the summertime. The sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing so it's time to put your foot on the gas and make some memories. But that always begs the question of where you should plan your next road trip.

You've done Muskoka, a few times over, and although it's beautiful you'd rather not subject yourself to more of the same. Good news is that you don't have to! There's plenty of road trips you can take near Toronto that aren't Muskoka but still well worth the gas money. 

1. Dundas Peak  

Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 

The breathtaking views at Dundas Peak are definitely bucket list material, and the natural scenery makes it one of most beatiful places close to the city. And it's so close to the city, you can make it a day trip. 

2. Kawartha Lakes 

Distance from Toronto: 1.5 hours 

The Kawartha Lakes has a bit of something for everyone. From conservation exploration to the beautiful scenery and landscapes, it's a serously worthwile road trip for any one who wants to escape the concret jungle without having to drive for hours to get there. 

3. Tobermory 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours, 45 minutes 

Tobermory is a popular destination for Torontonians, and for good reason. The time it takes to get there is well worth the beauty and serenity offered through its stunning landscape. With true blue water and a grotto, this place is a must on the summer bucket list. 

4. Sauble Beach 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours

As the second largest fresh water beach in the world, Sauble Beach is a sight to be seen. It's on Lake Huron and sports some of the cleanest water around making swimming a must. Check out Sauble Falls for some really breathtaking natural landscape. 

5. Lambton Shores 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours 

On the shores of Lake Huron, this little municipality has plenty to offer in the way of fun in the sun. Theirs two beaches at to enjoy, whether your poison is paddleboarding or beach volleyball, and the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the area is perfect for hiking. It also has a pretty sweet restaurant and nightlife scene. 

6. Burk's Falls 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours 

This small village in the Parry Sound District is stacked with summer adventure. You can visit the stunning Brooks Falls, or check out their Welcome Centre tucked in a beautiful forested area. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the Screaming Head's of Midlothian, an art installation making the trip more than worth it. 

7. Haliburton 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours 

Haliburton is so often overlooked when it comes to road tripping from Toronto, but it really shouldn't be! From the beautiful scenery in Haliburton Skyline Park to the Haliburton Sculpture Fores, you'll get your daily dose of culture and outdoor adventure. 

8. Killarney 

Distance from Toronto: 4.5 hours 

The over 600-square kilometre natural landscape that is Killarney is breathtaking and there's so much to see! With the pink granite coast of Georgian Bay and the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges, this place is nothing short of a visual marvel. 

9. Elliot Lake 

Distance from Toronto: 5.5 hours 

This is a bit more of a drive than the rest on the list, but it's well worth the extra couple hours. The modern city offers so much to see and do. Mississagi Provincial Park is an ode to serious solitude and offers some of the best hiking around. It's also Ontario's premier ATV site, so if you want to enjoy the wilderness on 4 wheels, they've got you covered! 

10. Rochester, NY 

Distance from Toronto: 3 hours

You may have to cross the border to get to Rochester, but it will be well worth it once you get there! If you're looking to enjoy the great outdoors you can check out Turning Point Park's boardwalk, scenery and breathtaking waterfalls. They also have sweet breweries you can hit up and a top notch night life.