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10 Signs Toronto Is Making You Poor

#5. You're 20+ and pretend you're a high school student when taking the subway.
10 Signs Toronto Is Making You Poor

Toronto was ranked the 12th most expensive city in the world this year by a UBC study.  According to the study, the average Torontonian will spend 1,985 days at work but will receive only 19 vacation days.  That's not even enough time to backpack Europe. This can be compared to 27 vacation days in New York City and 32 in Rome.

In 2014,a study done by Global Toronto showed that more than half of people in Toronto are living paycheque to paycheque.  Torontonians are working hard just to live their lives, with little downtime.

The solution? Moving to Rome?  Become a sugar baby?  We don't know the answer, but if any of the following apply to your life—you know Toronto is making you poor:

1.  You flash your transfer slips at the TTC driver real quick so he won't know they were from the day before.

Trying to sneak on the streetcar like:

Photo via GifsGallery

2.  Whether you go to Ryerson or UofT, the date to opt-out of your school's health plan is marked down on your calendar every year.

Even if you're not already covered. Beer money for the semester? Yes please, I'll take my chances.

Photo via Giphy

3.  You go to restaurants out of town and feel like a baller.

Thirteen dollars for a entree?? That's not even bad! We'll take some apps too...and dessert.

Photo via Giphy

4.  You get drunk before you get to the bar.

There are no $1 beer nights in Toronto, so your pregame takes up at least half the night. Who has the money to be spending $7 minimum on a drink at the bar??

Photo via Tumblr

5.  You're 20+ and pretend you're a high school student when taking the subway.

Because $2.00 is less than $3.00. "Yes I am 19, I swear."

Photo via Gif Storage

6. You live downtown (and your parents don't pay for your rent.)

The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment in Toronto is $1,700 per month. ($1,900 for a condo)

Photo via Giphy

7. You eat at the same three places all the time because you know they're cheap.

The McDonalds on Bathurst and King charges extra for dressing your McDouble like a Big Mac, so you DON'T GO THERE. (Seriously though, they do.)

Photo via DeviantArt

8.  You freak out when your Uber/cab driver doesn't go the optimal route.

You've filed at least one service complaint with Uber before. "Why would he go down Yonge Street when Church Street is obviously faster? That's a whole dollar I could have saved!"

Photo via WiffleGif

9.  You have gotten your parents to bring you groceries from home because you can't afford to eat.

Everything sold in Toronto is at least $2 more expensive than that same item anywhere else. What is better than an $8 frozen pizza? A $5 frozen pizza, that's what.

Photo via WiffleGif

10.  You have a silent panic attack when your date asks to split the bill.

If you had known this was going to happen you would have suggested Sneaky Dee's.

Photo via Rebloggy

But you know who would pay for the whole bill every time?? A sugar daddy. #NuffSaid

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