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10 Signs You're A Toronto Hipster

It's whatever.

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The hipster community in Toronto - and any other city in Ontario for that matter - are nothing compared New York, Austin, or Portland, but they're getting close. Come 2015, it really wouldn't be surprising to see The Junction flourish with gentrification or watch Roncesvalles replace the Polish with neck beards and Whole Foods. The GTA's headed for a hipster uprising (Tevas and all) and there's a chance you might already be one - especially if you have a pseudonym for pottery class.

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You Moved To Queen West For The Scenery

Let's be honest: you didn't move to West Queen West for the street grub or the cheap(er) rent. You switched neighborhoods because the scenery is your spirit animal. Everything is available at the tips of your fingers and Vogue was totally right - it really is the second coolest community in the world.

You DJ, But Only Part-Time

You don't do bars, clubs, gallery openings, birthdays, or barmitzvahs, but you'll totally do the house party on Saturday night and set up your equipment in a basement that's about to collapse. The host will pay you a few bucks and get you a six-pack of Fiji so why wouldn't you break out your red iPod Nano and blast your "Super Chill Morrissey Bands" playlist? Parquet Courts rule.

You Make Your Own Clothes

Urban Outfitters is a thing of the past. Okay, sure, they do have an endless supply of button down flannels, but why drop $50 a week when you can push your own colour swatches? Fabric's cheap on Spadina and Value Village and Salvation Army both have vintage finds that can be customized in an instant. Tie-dye David Bowie tee with no sleeves? Done.

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The AGO Is Your Second Home

Almost everyone in Toronto knows someone that takes part in galleries, exhibits, and performances, but attending every single installment of Long Winter is a different story. You only do it to really feel "underground" and you couldn't care less about the local celeb appearances. You're the real star.

Chinatown Is Your Primary Grocery Store

Depending on the community you call home, grocery stores can literally be found everywhere (praise be to Cabbagetown). If you mess around with Chinatown however, that's your only go-to. No one else matters, not even Loblaws and their PC Organic Mango Iced Tea that has no added sugar. The old man who bags you BBQ pork buns knows you by name and that means the world to you.

You Only Eat Out At Live Organic Food Bar

In your eyes, poutine and street meat are for chumps. LOFB is a mecca in your eyes as it has all things tofu, root chips, and kombucha. Your closest friends always try to get you to hit up a new foodie joint or at least grab a bite at Freshii, but you'd rather choke on hemp seeds before going to the dark side.

Your Significant Other Has A Man Bun

Sorry ladies. If your forever bae has a neat little man bun, then you're officially a Class A hipster and an automatic subscriber to Pitchfork and Too Much Nick's mailing lists. The bun used to be a European trend that was glorified by athletes (remember soccer?), but it's become an underground fashion statement that's more Nylon than "lumbersexual".

You Leave Books At Coffee Shops

Most cafés and caffeine lounges are already stocked with paperbacks and first editions, so you're if leaving your own to pass your knowledge on to the rest of society, then you're a hipster. No one just abandons a book that's in pristine condition because the "pay it forward" system doesn't exist in 2014 and neither does Haley Joel Osment.

Photo cred - In Sean's Opinion

Craft Beer Is Your Go-To Drink

Don't think you're a craft beer connoisseur? What's the difference between a lager, an ale, a malt, and a porter? If you were able to form some sort of answer that includes mathematics or science, then you truly live by the craft. Amsterdam and Flying Monkeys are your friends, but if you had it your way, you'd shack up at your parents' house just so you could test your home brewing kit.

Toronto Island Is Your Idea Of Paradise

Summer is supposed to equal fun, not Toronto Centre Island. Sure, the isle can make for a pretty decent bike ride on a day that doesn't top 30 degrees celsius, but there's no need to hop on a ferry eight times a week or dock a small boat for 30 days. There are people out there that actually do the latter - even for months at a time - and guess what? They're called "hipsters".

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