10 Struggles Of Living In The Toronto Beaches

Not everything on the East end of Queen is as nice as it seems.
10 Struggles Of Living In The Toronto Beaches

Ah that Queen East life. I personally think it’s one of the most underrated areas of Toronto. The houses are gorgeous. The beach boardwalk is awesome. And Queen East is lined with the cutest little shops. It’s probably one of the cutest neighbourhoods in Toronto and nobody knows it. The reason for it is because the Beaches and the people who live there have a pretty bad rep. And as great as the place is, I do have to agree with some of their complaints.

1. The Summer Is A Shit Show

Seriously. With the beach, Jazzfest, and the hoards of people walking the strip, this neighbourhood turns into an absolute zoo.

2. Working There Is The Worst

Everyone wants a job that’s close to home, but the Beaches are not a fun place to work part time. Everything available is customer service oriented and … let’s just say that not everyone who lives there is the nicest person.

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3. Everyone Thinks You're Rich

It’s true, the Beach is generally a wealthier neighbourhood. But it’s not a requirement to be rich to live there. When you say you live in the Beach, everyone automatically assumes you’re 1. rich AF and 2.you’re snobby AF.

4. The Lake Can Be A Problem

Lake Ontario just exists to amplify bad weather. If it’s a little bit windy Downtown, I assure you that on Queen East, it will feel like there is a tornado coming.

5.The Hill Is Dangerous

Especially in the Winter. Walking down from Kingston to Queen via Silverbirch is a death wish. And don’t even think about climbing back up it.

6. Everyone Knows Each Other

If you live in the Beach, you stay in the Beach. So don’t be surprised if you see the same unfamiliar face 20 times in a week.

7. It Is Pricey

Because it’s a generally wealthier neighbourhood, the prices of everything are hiked up. Bastards.

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8. Not “ Trendy”

It’s hard to convince people to come down to visit you because it’s not seen as a “cool” place to hang out. Even though there are lots of bars, they’re usually filled with middle-age folk. Not so appealing for early 20 somethings.

9. Far From Downtown

You’ll be lucky to get Downtown in 40 minutes, via streetcar.

10. You Will Want To Eat Everything

The thing Queen East does really well is food. So don’t be surprised if your wallet is emptied from restaurant visits only.