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10 Tasty Places To Grab A Bagel In Toronto

Because you can't go to Montreal just for a bagel.

Bagels really are bae. There are the sweeter, chewy Montreal style bagels and then the more crispy, salty New York ones. However, you don't actually have to travel that far to satisfy your bagel cravings. Toronto bakeries offer some of the best Montreal and New York style bagels around - a part from if you were to actually enjoy those bagels in their natural habitats.

Whether you smother yours in cream cheese, veggies, lox or all of the above, like them toasted with sesame seeds, raisins or onions, a bagel at any of these places will start your morning off right. Read on for 10 of Toronto's tastiest places to grab a bagel.

1. St. Urbain Bagel Bakery // 93 Front St E

Located at St. Lawrence Market, St. Urbain is a go-to for both Montreal and New York style bagels in Toronto. From wood fired to honey boiled, St. Urbain takes your traditional sesame seed bagel to a new level.

2. Nu Bügel // 240 Augusta Ave

Nu Bügel is the cool kid of bagels in Kensington Market. This bakery cafe offers hot wood fired bagels cooled on skewers, which can then easily be sandwiched with all the fixings at the deli counter.

3. The Bagel House // multiple locations

This franchise is owned by two Montrealers - so of course they know how to do bagels. The Bagel House is also the only place you can get hand-rolled bagels 24/7 in Toronto.

Photo Cred - Dine Here

4. Bagels On Fire // 2248 Queen St E

Located in the Beaches, Bagels on Fire boasts one of the largest wood-burning ovens, turning sweet dough into soft, buttery bagels. But don't worry, they aren't actually on fire.

5. Gryfe's Bagel Bakery // 3421 Bathurst St

Gryfe's is a weekend hot spot for bagels in the city. This north end bakery specializes in hot, crispy bagels to-go with tubs of classic or chive cream cheese for self assembly.

6. Kiva's Bagel Bar // 15 St. Clair W

Kiva's Bagel Bar is the trendy younger sister of Kiva's Restaurant & Bakery. This St. Clair bagel spot offers hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels that are always crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

7. What A Bagel! // 130 Spadina Ave

This self serve style chain piles its New York style bagels into big bins so you can help yourself - and that's how we like it. Fill a brown bag to-go or grab a single and get it topped with cream cheese and lox at the counter.

8. Schmaltz Appetizing // 414 Dupont St

Schmaltz Appetizing is considered the hidden gem of Toronto bagels. With a distinct eastern flair, this Jewish appetizing shop specializes in smoked fish - perfect for piling high on one of their freshly baked bagels.

Photo Cred - @6ixsnacks

9. Bagel World // multiple locations

Known for its unique flavours, Bagel World is a north end hot spot for brunches. Served in a platter style so you can create your own masterpiece, these bagels are sure to satisfy.

10. Almond Butterfly // 100 Harbord St

It's only fair that those who are gluten free should be able to eat bagels too - and Almond Butterfly offers just that. This bake shop is 100 per cent gluten free, allowing everyone to enjoy a good bagel.

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