When it comes to texting, there is a whole new set of vocabulary involved. We all know the typical "brb", "wtf", "pos"...just kidding that last one is MSN. But when you get to Toronto, or even the GTA, there's a whole new set of texts you can expect to receive on a regular basis.

Why? Because the experiences Torontonians experience are unique and thus, our texting language is too.

1. The Saturday/Sunday morning text.

2. The "my general sense of direction basically relies on how close I am to the CN tower" text.

3. The standard Friday night text.

4. The "why the eff did you drive" text

5. The other standard Friday night text.

6. The "I tried the PATH once" text

7. The everyday text.

8. The everyday text

9. The everyday text

10. The other, other standard Friday night text.

11. The "this is why I'm single" text

12. This one needs no explanation.