Photo via Tumblr

1.  Being paid to party.

If you have heard of "p2p" before now, congrats on your symmetrical face.

Photo via ClubCrawlers

2.  Access to the Thompson Hotel rooftop.

Trying to get on the roof of the Thompson is like trying to get into North Korea.

Photo via Jeff Isy

3. Being a Toronto basic.

You can't judge her Jays game selfies because you can't judge fleek-ness.

Photo via Rock N' Horse Saloon

4.  Scoring good numbers on the bull at Rock N' Horse.

No, it's not your hidden talent, the mechanical bull operator is just a perv.

Photo via Giphy

5. Getting on the TTC before people get off.

This goes against the #1 rule of common courtesy in Toronto...but when you're hot and you know it, you wait for NOBODY.

Photo via @mandaagomes

6.  Hopping on the Blue Jays' Bandwagon.

If you look hot in a baseball cap, nobody will know you borrowed it from a friend.

Photo via ClubCrawlers

7.  Bypassing the line at EFS.

It says nothing on their website about needing to be a model with a Kardashian's wardrobe to get in...but it's a generally known thing.

Photo via Tumblr

8. Unlimited free boat rides.

Feel like being on a yacht today? Hang out at a Toronto Islands beach for like two seconds.

Photo via Chez News

9.  Making boys break the bank for your drinks.

Dollar drink nights don't exist in Toronto...he'll be paying at least $7 for that Corona.

Photo via Cabana Pool Bar

10.  Easily finding a job that pays well.

Promotional modelling in Toronto pays between $15-$30 an hour. Requirements? Be pretty.