Photo cred - Kiril Strax

Winter is coming, and there's nothing any of us can do about it. While you try to make the most of it by drinking lots of hot chocolate and rekindling your love for snowball fights, you know in the back of your head that there are some things about winter that will never be okay. They're the things that keep you up at night, and make you hate your friends for wanting to go out on the weekend. It's pretty brutal out here in the wild tundra of Toronto.

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Walking downtown

Toronto is a windy place. Those tall buildings in the downtown core create a wind vortex, so walking through it means being blasted in the face by a frozen hurricane until you can make it back inside.

Coming home on Saturday night

When you've left that bar on Queen West at 3:00 in the morning, you know you've got a long journey ahead of you before you're reunited with your bed, and if you're taking the TTC, it's going to be a cold trip. The next streetcar won't be here for another half hour, so I hope there's a stoop you can stand at to keep warm while you wait.

Getting sprayed on Dundas

Toronto's winder is mucky, especially in the first and last few months. Chances are, there's going to be a point when you're walking down Dundas, and a car will wiz by and splash you with muddy, dirty, used-cigarette-filled water. It's not cute.

Photo cred - Tyrone Islington Photography

Not being on your A-game in the urban runway that is Toronto

It's easy to look nice in the summer, but in the winter, you run the risk of looking like a garbage bag in your massive jacket. This makes cute winter-themed outdoor dates a problem. Walking around the Distillery District as the snow falls around you sounds romantic, but when you're both covered from head to toe in puffy sacks, it's less than the best.


The subway is always a pain, but it tends to become even more of a nightmare in the winter. The amount of times you'll find yourself trapped underground for an unreasonable amount of time because of a delay will go up. Your bus and streetcar are probably also going to be late a lot too, thanks to all the snow and traffic.

Getting to the gym

Toronto is a fit city, and people here have a pretty intense commitment to health. But getting to the 24 hour gym after a long day at work or school becomes that little bit harder when it's dark and cold out when you want to go there. Luckily, it feels like there's a gym on every block in this city, so your best bet is picking one that's right outside a subway station.

Getting run over by a snowplow in the Annex

The season of the snow plow is here. Make sure to watch where you're walking, because students walking through the Annex are always getting caught off guard by these guys, and they will never slow down for you. Granted, it's pretty funny to watch.

Your boots getting wrecked

Sometimes, it seems like the city gets a little overenthusiastic with the salt. The Financial District just basically becomes a mountain of snow, so if you're not vigilante about wiping them off every time you get home, your boots are going to look like they fell into a pile of powdered sugar within a month. It's not pretty.

Photo cred - Kiril Strax

Ice on ice

Every year, a few people in this city will break their leg or arm slipping on some ice. The downtown area is pretty safe because it's always salted, but if you're going to any of the quieter neighbourhoods, be on the lookout.

The dark

It's already started looking like night time at like 5:00 every day, so any busy Torontonian with a full time job may go their whole week without seeing the sun. It's pretty bleak, especially for those among us living in basement apartments.

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