Photo cred - Alan Teo

Everyone who lives here already knows that Toronto is one of a kind. The culture, the friendships you make, and the places you go to are all part of that essential Toronto vibe. There are a few things in this city that really represent this Toronto experience. They're things that are unique to this city we call home. And they're beautiful.

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Walk through Graffiti Alley

This side street just off of Queen West is the only place in the city where graffiti is legal, and walking through it is pretty surreal.

Watch a movie at Reg Hartt's house

Reg Hartt is a film activist from New Brunswick who moved to Toronto and started having film screenings at his house, which he calls Cineforum. He's pretty eccentric, as you can tell from his website, and the movies he shows are some of the most batshit things you'll ever see. He's become a Toronto fixture, and people see him around town riding his bike all the time, with Cineforum posters in his basket.

Get a haircut while you shop

Toronto's got a lot of interesting barber shops, like Town Barber, which is located inside a men's clothing store called Lost & Found, or Grateful Head, which hosts art shows.

Photo cred - A. daSilva Photography

Go to North America's largest one day festival

Caribana is a day of non-stop spectacle. You'll never experience this much energy, and be surrounded by this many people all at once without going to a Beyonce concert.

Shop in the world's largest underground shopping complex

Sorry Montreal, but your underground city has nothing on Toronto's PATH network of tunnels and stores. A full 30 kilometers of underground pedestrian walkways make up PATH (the largest in the world according to Guiness World Records) containing over 12, 00 stores that add up to 371,600 square metres of retail space.


Adventurous types can pay to hang off the edge of the CN Tower (you get harnesses and ropes, don't worry). Best not to do this right after you've eaten in the rotating restaurant, though.

Go to a museum devoted entirely to shoes

Toronto's obsession with fashion makes it the perfect host for a museum dedicated to shoes. If you wanna know more about shoes from the past, shoes from other parts of the world, or the shoes you're wearing right now, this is the place to do it.

Visit a house covered in terracotta tiles

In the Junction- at 20 Jerome St. to be exact- there's a house who's outside is entirely covered in random terracotta tiles. Weird much? The place used to belong to a building company, and they covered it in tiles as a form of advertisement.

Photo cred - Raul Pacheco-Vega

Walk through the largest stretch of Vicorian homes on the continent

Cabbagetown has the biggest stretch of Victorian era houses in North America. Walking through it is a pretty strange experience. If you weren't paying attention, you'd actually think you went back in time for a hot second. Obviously, all of these houses are haunted.

Admire half a house

The house at 54-1/2 St. Patrick St has been sawed in half. Like, half of it is gone. As in not there. It's weird, go look at it.