10 Things You Should Know About The MuchMusic Video Awards

Sparkling bras, the Jenners, butts and so much more.
10 Things You Should Know About The MuchMusic Video Awards

Every year the MuchMusic Video Awards take place on a glorious Sunday in June and the portion of downtown Toronto surrounding the MuchMusic headquarters on Queen St. W SHUTS DOWN. But before this year's show, we figured we'd give you a peek into what makes the MMVAs one of the most chaotic and unique awards shows in existence.

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1. The upper echelon of red carpet appearances

It seems every award show's red carpet has the usual bunch of paparazzi, fancy dresses and suits. Well the MMVAs takes their red carpet to a whole other level! On what other red carpet does Katy Perry show up in an ice cream truck throwing treats to fans or Billy Talent rolling up to the show in a tank.

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2. The fan-friendly atmosphere

Unlike other awards shows that take place indoors with limited access, the MMVAs take place in the heart of downtown Toronto at Queen and John St. While getting closest to the stage means having a special wristband or coming early, it doesn't mean you can't watch the show from Queen or John Street or wait to get autographs and pictures on the red carpet. What other awards show do you know that lets anyone and everyone get in on the action?

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3. The overload of celebrities

Sure TIFF takes the cake for having the most celebrities attend an event in Toronto but the MMVAs follow closely behind. Every year MuchMusic goes all out to find the biggest celebrities to come to the city and attend the show as well as artists to perform. Some names that have swung by for the show in recent years include Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Colin Farrell, and more. And let's not forget the celebrity co-hosts which have included Kendall and Kylie Jenner and for this year, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

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4. The constant surprises

It's the show where anything can happen. Avril Lavigne might show her butt to the crowd with the word MMVA written on it, Flo Rida could perform on a zipline, Lady Gaga may have a bra with sparks coming out of it, some celebrities who weren't listed to show up could make unexpected cameos. It's one of those events with so many surprises, we encourage you to just experience it for yourself from the heart of downtown or behind your computer screen or television.

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5. The over the top performances

Like at any music awards show, many artists that grace the MMVA stage allow for more of an experience than another average performance. Add that in with incredible shots of the downtown skyline, insane lighting, fireworks, and wild fashion accessories, it's one of the reasons the show has the massive fanfare it has built over the last 20 or so years.

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6. It Was Once A Show For Only Canadian Artists

The show began in 1990 and was known as the Canadian Music Video Awards until the late 90s saw performances from only Canadian artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes, Bryan Adams, Blue Rodeo, and Sarah McLachlan but in 1997 that all changed when British bands Blur and Bush became the first international artists to grace the stage at the newly formed MMVAs. Now we see popular artists from all over the world come and entertain flocks of Torontonians outside the MuchMusic building.

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7. But It Still Highlights the Work of Many Canadian Artists

Plenty of Canadian artists can say they've had the pleasure of taking home an MMVA as many of the awards' categories showcase Canadian music in various genres from hip-hop to pop and alt-rock. There's also awards dedicated to Canadian music video directors and those working behind the scenes, proving it's an awards show dedicated to the fans and the country's artists and their music videos.

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8. Which Artist Has Won the Most Awards?

This is still a bit of a mystery, but based on our research we're going to say the most MMVAs have been awarded to Nickelback, Drake, and Vancouver pop-rockers Hedley who have taken up to 2 or 3 awards every year they're nominated.

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9. The Famed 'New Kids On The Block' Reunion

You know the original 80s boy band that Mark Wahlberg almost joined and who's brother Donnie is a vocalist in? Well they reunited for the first time in 12 years on the MMVA stage in 2008 performing their classic hits including 'Step by Step' and more. Plus they're not the first group to reunite on the downtown Toronto stage. The Beastie Boys performed new and old hits for the first time in 5 or 6 years on the MMVA stage in 2004.

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No one in MMVA history has recreated New York City on the stage but Lady Gaga and topped it all off by performing a medley of her hits and have a bra shoot flaming sparks at the end of it all.

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