10 Toronto Bars You Need To Go To At Least Twice In Your Life

Why do everything once when you can do it twice?
10 Toronto Bars You Need To Go To At Least Twice In Your Life

Photo cred - Barchef

Going out to bars in Toronto is a legitimate pastime. And depending whether or not you're a priest or a cocktail queen, there's a bar for you and you and you. Oh, and you too.

And there's definitely a list of 10 Toronto bars you should visit specifically twice before your die.

And since I kinda like you, I've decided to share this top secret information with you.

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472 Queen Street West

If the above picture doesn’t stimulate your senses then I don’t know what will. Jars of obscure aging bitters line the walls, it’s so dark you can barely see, bartender’s are chipping ice spheres, mystery fills the air, just what the hell is going on at Barchef? An experience? No. Barchef is so much more than a experience. Barchef is an emotional journey into the mysterious land of molecular cocktails. The cocktail is meant to stimulate all your sense, not just the taste buds. Each cocktail has an edible element to it, as well as a visual, smell, sound, etc. This bar is a must on everyone’s list. Break the bank and try their signature Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan, $45 well spent.

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Fonda Lola

942 Queen Street West

Unconventional mixers and the first bar in Canada to serve Kombucha on tap, this is a place I may frequent more than twice. Maple water, a little agave nectar and I may just be devout. Not a straight up bar, they are dishing out some amazing mexican food as well, with a bit of a twist. Oh and try the margarita’s, duh.

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The Ballroom Bowl

145 John Street

It’s simple. This bar also has a bowling alley. Although the food is a little blah...run of the mill quesadilla’s and grey veggie burgers, we’re here to drink and bowl people, not indulge in a tasting menu. Live music most nights and on sundays the bowling is free! Yup you heard me correctly, free. You only need to pay for shoe rental.

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Real Sports Bar

15 York Street

Did someone say excessive? Did someone say 39-foot HD big screen? Did someone say 199 HD TVs? Reason being, no matter where you are looking at any given time you will undoubtedly be looking at a screen. Welcome to Real Sports folks. Over 126 beer taps, and yup...you guessed it lot’s of wings and burgers. Whether you’re a die hard sports fan or not, the atmosphere here is really like no other. Worth checking out once. Ahh fuck it, go twice.

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55 Bloor Street West

This place has a lot of Best’s to boast of. Best cocktail, best romantic spot, best restaurant, and apparently the list continues. Panorama is the highest outdoor terrace in the city, awarding them nevertheless with the best skyline as well. The terrace is lined with cozy love seats and comfy couches, ooo la la how romantic.The clientele is typically a little stiff, this is Yorkville afterall, but this bar is still worth checking out twice.

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461 King Street West

If you haven’t been to Spin yet you need to start getting your prioritizes straight, and Spin should be at the top of the list. Spin is a 12 000 sq ping pong night club with two bars and a snack menu. Located on King street west it caters to the after-work crowd during the week, but on weekends it’s bumping with everyone and anyone. When you arrive, you and your party get your very own ping pong table for an hour ($20 before 5pm, $28 after) equipped with a side table for drinks and food. It’s packed on the weekend so book in advance. No cover.

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Photo cred - Snakes&Lagers

Snakes and Lagers

488 College Street

Snakes and Lager’s is a board game bar, claiming to be a “bastion of connection” in a world of people glued to their iPhones. Put the phones down, order some beers, and indulge in a library of games. The staff is well informed on rules and all things games, so no worries if you’re an amateur. There is a game for everyone, from the nerdiest guy to prettiest of girls.

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Cabana Pool Bar

11 Polson Street

Toronto’s very own paradise, this is a day to night party spot and everyone's favourite bar. Private cabanas, daybeds, pools over looking the Toronto skyline, why not go here and drink your face off?

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Get Well Bar

1181 Dundas Street West

A quirky bar with vintage-esque decor, your eye will be undoubtedly drawn to the mecca of old school video games. Space Invaders, Tetris, Pinball, to name a few. And if that doesn’t impressive you, maybe the ever-growing and always changing list of craft beers will.

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Cold Tea

60 Kensington Avenue

The classiest dive bar in the city. Though the space itself is reminiscent of a house party from the 90’s gone terribly wrong, the bartender’s know what they’re doing with a chinese 5-spice simple syrup. Art parties and “industry” types frequent this joint, it’s worth the hype. Good luck finding the entrance.

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