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10 Toronto Bars That Will Mend Your Heart If You Just Got Dumped

Celebrate the single life!

Going through a break up isn't exactly easy, especially if you're the one who got dumped. Certain questions arise, such as "what did I do wrong to deserve this?" and you end up being the one who is heart broken.

They say the best way to get over a break up, is to distract yourself. This means you should the make the most of your single life, hang out with friends and do not sit in a room with closed shutters, crying a river. Keep yourself constantly busy with a variety of activities, sports and of course go out to party!

The single life isn't that bad, it's a time to enjoy it to the fullest. Forget the ex and move on because you shouldn't waste a tear over someone who is not worth it! The weekend is right around the corner, so if your ex broke up with you without any reason, say f*ck it and check out these 10 Toronto bars that will mend your heart if you just got dumped:


1. Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W

One of the hippest venue in T.O, is Apt 200. If you arrive early, the apartment has a more of a loungey-like atmosphere, (to converse with potential candidates)but as the night transitions it turns into a nightclub. There is a pool table and a couple of arcade games occupying the space, making great activities that will help you mingle and meet new people. Apt 200 is open 7 days a week from 7:30 pm to 2:30 am, allowing you to drink your sorrows away regardless of the day of the week.

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2. Locals Only // 589 King St W. 

Located in the heart of King West, Locals Only will cross out the X from your mind. Their menu has plenty of bomb finger foods to snack on and lip-smacking cocktails to enjoy. Looking to remind your ex of what of an amazing person they lost? If you don't already know the wall paper and lighting in the washroom is the perfect place to take a couple of hot Insta pics and Snapchats.

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3. The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St.

If your heart is torn into pieces, the best way to mend it is by socializing with people. The Addisons Residence is a Beverly Hills styled home, that attracts many professionals and good looking individuals from the city that enjoy conversing. Arrive before 9 pm and take advantage of their $4.00 drink special! House parties are always a great idea and no one throws better parties in the city than The Addisons. Whether you're partying day or night in the kitchen , living room, games room or the backyard, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Oh did I mention free pizza? ZZAA always makes things 10000 x better.

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4. Lost & Found //577 King St W.

You'll get lit in the wilderness and forget about all your problems you ever had at this hot nightclub. Champagne showers, celebrities and the best VIP hosts in the city will take care of you and assure you have a fun night. The music is on point to dance the night away, while sipping on ACE and getting to know the top people in Toronto's party industry.

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5. Char No 5 // 75 Lower Simcoe St. 

Let's just say, this one is for the gentlemen that need to get over their ex gf. Char No 5 is one of the top whisky bars in Toronto. Check out the unique venue, taste and learn about the most exclusive whisky in the world with the bros!

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6. P.J. O’Brien // 39 Colborne St.

This classic Irish pub is a hidden gem tucked away in the Financial District. P.J. O'Brien's attracts young professionals for post work drinks that love to chat, making it a great place for casual drinks. But we warn you, things may get out of control and you might end up drinking more than you expected - it is an Irish pub after all!

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7. Reposado // 136 Ossington Ave. 

Reposado is the place to be if you're a tequila lover. Tequila always makes things better, especially after a break up; unless of course, you take it over board. Go out with a couple of friends for delicious Mexican tapas, listen to live music and forget about the arrogant ex.

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8. The Bottom Line // 22 Front St.W.

The Bottom Line is Toronto's most upscale sports bar. This spacious venue is decorated with framed jerseys and plenty TV's to watch a game. Enjoy a couple of drinks with the friends and snack on pub food, while chatting with 905ers or young proffesionals to get your ex off your mind.

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9. Church on Church // 504 Church St

This modern, chic gay bar is located in the heart of Church St. Many people come here to have an experience like no other by dancing their night away on the spacious dance floor and enjoying Drag Queen performances! All the fun entertainment won't allow your ex to cross your mind even once!

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10. Beaconsfield // 1154 Queen St W.

This super hip bistro bar has a friendly atmosphere that will make every individual feel welcome. There are plenty of singles hanging out at Beaconsfield so there's no reason to feel excluded! Enjoy their delicious comfort food for dinner or come in later during the night to celebrate the single life with a couple of drinks in a vibrant environment!