Breakups can be super tricky to navigate. Most days you just want to crawl in your bed and pretend everything is fine. But there comes a time where you need to put on your big kid pants, and go get drunk with your best friends. 

Disclaimer: alcohol is NOT the solution for a broken heart. Time and patience are. But hey, it can help a little and being in a social situation will take your mind off things even for just a night. 

So if you're going through a breakup and are looking for a fun night out, check out these cool spots:

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The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St.

Get social at this super cool spot. The best thing you can do right now is be around people, and this residence is huge and you're sure to meet some really cool people.

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Miss Things // 1279 Queen St W.

This cute bar has some seriously unique drink offerings. The decor of the bar will make you feel like you're in the tropics, the perfect getaway you need!

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Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

The patio and interior of Bar Reyna are really beautiful, and totally Instagram ready for when you need to take some revenge selfies.

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Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave

If you're looking for an amazing bar that has amazing music and vibes so you can forget about your ex.

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Locals Only // 589 King St W

Grab your best friend and spend the night drinking wine and getting lit with the best people in your life.

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Dundas Video // 831 Dundas St W

Distract yourself at this game bar on Dundas West! Occupy your mind by trying to beat your best friends at video games.

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Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W

This bar can go from loungey chill vibes to crazy house party super quick. Go here for a well rounded night where you may even run into someone famous!

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Queen Street Warehouse // 232 Queen St. W

You can still eat away your feelings at this Toronto favourite! Food is only $5, and the music and atmosphere is a lot of fun.

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Get Well // 1181 Dundas St. W

Arcade games, an amazing pizza shop right next door and alcohol! Everything you could ever need for your broken heart is at this awesome bar.

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Horseshoe Tavern // 370 Queen St. W

If you're into live music, this is the bar for you. No requesting love songs though. Enjoy the vibes at this legendary Toronto bar.