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10 Toronto Bars To Totally Geek Out Over This Weekend

Clubs and crowded bars are definitely not for everyone, and sometimes that scene can get a little old. Luckily we live in a city that has options for all different kinds of bar goers, especially those who consider themselves a little more on the "nerdy" side.

Whether you're into Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, or basically any vintage arcade game known to man, then we have you covered!

If you're looking to switch things up this weekend, try out one of these 10 awesome bars in Toronto!

1. Get Well //1181 Dundas St W

If you're looking for a night full of arcade games and cheap drinks, Get Well may just be your ideal destination.

2. Hi-Lo // 753 Queen St E.

Hi-Lo is the perfect place for a relaxed night playing vintage arcade games and sipping mixed drinks. If you're tired of the club scene, why not give Hi-Lo a chance?

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3. Dundas Video // 831 Dundas St W.

Dundas video is a prime sport for anyone who loves all things vintage.  You'll definitely feel super nostalgic while playing nintendo 64 and sipping your PBR with all your friends.

4. Junction City Music Hall // 2907 Dundas St W. 

The Junction City Music Hall is one of the best dive bars in the city.  If you're looking for cheap prices, finely crafted cocktails, and a few arcade games, then you have met your match!

5. The Lockhart // 1479 Dundas St W.

All Harry Potter fans should have been to the Lockhart at least once by now.  If you're looking to feel nostalgic and sip on some boozy potions, make your way to the Lockhart this weekend!

6. Nightowl // 647 College St.

Nightowl is the perfect place for a fun filled night with your friends.  You won't have to worry about losing them in a crowded club, or huge lines at the bar.  Nightowl is a fun and cozy venue that is sure to meat all your weekend needs!

7. Good Game // 2097 Yonge St. 

Good Game is the perfect place to go once you've gone over your monthly internet.  Good Game offers individual gaming stations, as well as cocktails inspired by different World of Warcraft members!

8. Track and Field // 860 College St.

Track and Field is an awesome option for those who are looking for a quirky night out, but are not necessarily gamers.  Track and field offers all types of lawn games that will keep you and your friends busy all night!

9. The Gladstone // 1214 Queen St W.

The Gladstone offers theme nights almost every night of the week.  These include TV trivia night, Thursday live music, Pokemon go themed events, and legos and lagers! Click here for more info on when these events are happening.

10. See Scape // 2840 Dundas St W.

See Scape is a Scifi themed bar that is fairly new to the city. If you're interested in robot fights, conspiracy theories, Harry Potter, and beer then you have found your new watering hole.

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