We already know Toronto is known for some pretty cool celebrities- Drake, Rachel McAdams.... the list goes on and on. But as the internet continues to consume our lives, it's the people on it that are gaining popularity. The people who sit in their bedrooms, alone, talking to a camera, that are having a massive impact on our world, some of them from our very own city! Here are some awesome, Toronto-based YouTubers to check out!


1. LaurDIY


This Toronto Gal, Lauren Riihimaki, is queen of the DIY (do it yourself). She does it all: clothes, decor, and food. She leaves no glittery stone unturned. She shows you cheap and easy ways to repurpose old items and turn them into something new that you'll actually use. She just recently graduated from Ryerson, so you know she totally gets the broke student struggle. Her videos will have you running to the nearest Michael's to get supplies!

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2. iisuperwomanii


iisuperwoman AKA Lilly is a hilarious Torontonian known for her honest rants, hilarious sketches, and dressing up like her parents! With over 5 million subscribers her super relatable videos will have you dying of laughter.

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3. GiGiGorgeous


GiGiGorgeous is a crazy popular transgender YouTuber. She covers a wide array of topics from beauty and lifestyle to videos documenting her transitional surgeries. This inside look at her journey is not only inspirational but her positive attitude is infectious!

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4. Evan Fong


Evan Fong, also known as Vanossgaming, is a YouTuber and avid gamer. He creates videos of him playing various video games and puts them on the Internet for the world to see. This may seem like a relatively simple concept, but it has gotten Evan extremely far. He is among the top 25 most subscribed YouTube channels on the Internet, with more subscribers than Ellen DeGeneres.... MORE THAN ELLEN?! Crazy.

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5. Furious Pete


Furious Pete is a professional competitive eater. Apparently that is a real profession. Pete films himself doing crazy eating challenges like eating 100 chicken nuggets as fast as he can and touring restaurants trying to beat records. He'll have you super hungry and very entertained.

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6. Latoya's Life


Latoya's Life is exactly what it sounds like; Latoya's life. Mom, wife and all around cool chick, Latoya shares the daily occurrences in her life with the Internet in a vlog series that has 5 seasons under its belt so far!

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7. Andrew Huang


Andrew Huang marches to the beat of his own drum, and chairs, peaches, and various other household items. Andrew is constantly challenging himself and his music in cool and creative ways. He has an entire rap video without using the letter "e" and one where he raps in 15 different languages!

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8. Matthew Santoro


Matthew Santoro is like a human encyclopedia; he knows everything about anything. His videos on mind-blowing facts and top tens will have you amazed, entertained and provide you with a ton of random facts to whip out on your next tinder date to make yourself look smarter. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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9. Corey Vidal


Corey Vidal does it all: Music, vlogs, short films and even rapping. Corey's comedic, super professional looking, videos are always good for a laugh and the variety on his channel brings in tons of views and means there is something for literally everyone.

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AsapSCIENCE, created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, could put Bill Nye to shame. These two university students have a unique and fun take on science and should really teach their own class. Taylor Swift covers about science? Genius. They answer the tough science questions you need to know, like what would happen if you never went outside again and the ever-important science of bacon.

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Honourable Mention - TheDanocracy

Even though he currently lives in Dallas, Texas, we couldn't go without giving a shout out to Toronto native TheDanocracy, who recently brought viewers backstage at The MMVAs for the third year in a row. Dan's channel is all about making you feel good, whether it's with a laugh or an evil homemade prank to get your revenge on your sibling.

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Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!