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10 Toronto Bloody Caesar Spots To Cure Your Weekend Hangover

Bam. You've been Caesared.
10 Toronto Bloody Caesar Spots To Cure Your Weekend Hangover

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You've seen it before and you'll see it again, a list about the best Caesar's. 

Old news? I think not.

This list is important as fuck and puts all other lists to shame. Shame!!

Click here for 10 Toronto Bloody Caesar Spots To Cure Your Weekend Hangover >

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Hunter's Landing

82 Fort York Boulevard

Three words for you, “the landing cure.”And by that I mean a caesar...with a lobster tail, a pizza wedge, smoked bacon, cherry wood smoked mozzarella, fresh cut veggies and a house pickle. This is the best. The BEST.

Photo cred - billyquizgirl

Rock Lobster

110 Ossington Avenue

Lobster anybody? Yes please...and can I have it in my Caesar too? That’s what’s up at rock lobster, and hey, maybe I’m a little biased (I live and breath lobster) but this is kind of the best thing ever. Ketel one vodka, steak spice, and all the regular stuff minus the lobster, it’s all about the lobster. Did I say lobster?

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Farmhouse Tavern

1627 Dupont Street

The signature farmhouse smoked caesar is a must try on anyone and everybody's list. The highlight of the dish of course being the smoked oyster on top, it also comes equipped with a caperberry and fresh horseradish. Although it’s a tad pricey ($10) this is brunch people, rule of life, never ever cheap out at brunch.

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Rose and Sons

176 Dupont Street

“Extra Vaganza” bloody caesar. Decorated with a sour pickle and a Kabonsy sausage with a sea salted rim. What goes in the actual caesar itself cannot be revealed. Everybody likes secrets. Especially drinking them.

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Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

100 Adelaide Street East

What makes this caesar a little different is’s made with a house smoked chili vodka. And I don’t know about you but I’ve been lacking a lot of house smoked chili vodka in my life lately. Oh wait, we’re not done. Garnished with a freshly shucked clam and then lined the rim with seaweed, this is one for the bucket list.

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678 Queen Street West

Extra strong, extra spicy. Kick your hangover and just get drunk again! Absolut Elyx vodka, lot’s of horseradish, and topped with cabernet sauvignon for that extra kick. And of course we can’t forget the corn on the cob that comes with it.

Photo cred - michellewhyu

The Lakeview

1132 Dundas Street West

Although their caesar may be lacking some garnish, with no pearl onions, green beans, or bacon here, one must be made aware caesar’s here cost a whoppingly affordable $4. Everyday.

Photo cred - gastropost

Hotel Ocho

195 Spadina

Reasonably priced at $8, this caesar is available for upgrade, just throw in $2 and the Bakon vodka is all yours. A smooth vodka with a delicious smokey bacon aftertaste, perfect for the caesar snob.

Photo cred - niicoleelaandry

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

85 Hanna Avenue

Dayyyyyum would you like some chopsticks with that caesar you’re drinking? But “oh no why would I need chopsticks” you say. Well that is so you can eat the freshly shaved celery on top. Not to mention the masterpiece that is lining the rim of the glass...a little dehydrated tomatoes, maybe some shallots, maybe some nori, maybe.

Photo cred - jasonparis

Dundas and Carlaw

1173 Dundas Street East

Who would I be if I left this off the list? Someone who is completely ignorant about the caesar’s scene in this city, that’s who. The rim is lined with Dorito’s ranch chips. That’s friggin awesome. This drink is called the “Sleazer” and contains 2oz of booze. Topped with some caesar staples, a pickle, two olives, a green bean, two pickled onions, a pepperette, and finally, a jalapeno.

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