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10 Toronto Poutines That Put Montreal To Shame

Poutine is a way of life.

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Nothing gets people talking like a good old heated poutine debate. Throw in words like Montreal versus Toronto and people could go on for hours and hours and that’s exactly what I’d like to do here.

To the untrained eye poutine appears to be one big calorific mess. But c’mon, we all know that’s a load of hooey (who says hooey?) because poutine is so, so much more. Poutine is for everyone, the rich, the poor, the skinny and the morbidly obese. And here in Toronto, we’ve got it all: upscale poutine, traditional poutine, gravy-less poutine, whatever. Find out which Toronto poutineries made the list.

Poutini's House of Poutine

1112 Queen Street West

Ask any Torontonian to recommend poutine and this place is the go-to. Order “the works,” it’s a classic and sure to put Montreal to shame or at very least shut them up a bit. They have vegan and veggie poutine options as well. They even have gluten-free gravy! Though I’m actually not really sure if that’s impressive. Rumoured to have the best cheese curds around.


401 Bay Street

But wait, this isn’t a poutine place you say? Ah what do you know? Here’ a couple words for you…duck poutine pizza. This poutine is the super star of poutine. Upscale poutine never looked and tasted so good. Rumoured to have as many calories as 2 ½ orders of Harveys French fries. But hey, let’s not get all 'holier than thou health freak' on this one.


490 Bloor Street West

This list wouldn’t be complete without Smokes, the second best poutine place in TO. The pulled pork is a staple. Also notable varieties are the butter chicken and prime rib poutines. I could bore you with the flavour profile of the gravy instead I’ll just say they have the best fries. Trust. There's also build your own poutine, and who doesn’t want to embark on that adventure?

Great Burger Kitchen

1056 Gerrard Street East

In a distant land known as Gerrard street east, a poutine like no other exists. A poutine so great it’s well worth the streetcar ride out there. A poutine so fabulous all competition crumbles in her presence. The Montrealers will surely think this is blasphemy, however we Torontonians think it to be ingenious. I of course speak of the Greek poutine. Sounds simple enough, and no they don’t use the traditional cheese curds so deal with it.

Gilead Cafe

4 Gilead Place

Jamie Kennedy’s fries are famous. They’re his signature thing. The Beer Braised Beef Poutine with Caramelized Onions and Ile aux Grues, is the king of upscale poutine. Man packs creativity and flavour into every poutine he creates. He changes it up daily so you never really know what to expect. Variety is a very good thing.


296 Brunswick Avenue

So yea, this might be a Montreal chain…but it’s in Toronto now so it’s apart of us and our cities glorious guide to poutine. This place really does have it all. AYCE poutine, DIY poutine, hot dogs in your poutine, grilled cheese in your poutine, no regrets in your poutine. You name it, and yup, there’s a poutine for that.

Rebel House

1068 Yonge Street

Rebel house swaps regular fries with large salted crispy kettle chips. Apparently they do it a little different north of Bloor with a double load of cheddar cheese curds and then some melted mozzarella on the gravy, for good measure. Not traditional but word on the street is its certainly worth a try.

Rock Lobster

110 Ossington

Lobster poutine. Nuff said.

Dangerous Dan's

714 Queen Street East

Dangerous Dan’s been keeping it real since 1999. The fries at Dan’s are thicker and longer (har har) giving this poutine a little more substance. Add some chicken gravy, sprinkle some chicken pieces a top that poutine, and we’re good to go.


696 Queen Street East

Prohibition is a perfect example of fancy pants poutine. Duck fat fries…tastier and healthier? Meh. How about a little lamb confit, truffle pecorino, chives, truffle oil, duck gravy & red wine jus? Oh, and we can’t leave out the Nova Scotia cull lobster, spanish manchego, lobster velouté and the bison chili, now can we?

Take that Montreal!!!

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