You haven’t really eaten in Toronto unless you’ve been to the Danforth. There is a reason there is an entire festival dedicated to the food there. Because it is beyond compare. The Greek cuisine has set a high caliber for anyone who dares to open a restaurant on the Danforth. This was probably the hardest list I have ever had to write, but I believe I have narrowed it down to the best. Proceed with caution.

1. The Auld Spot

347 Danforth Ave,

Your classic pub and grill place. I love going to the Auld Spot because it makes me feel like I’m in a sitcom. They have a cozy interior, and frothy beer on each table. Also, the staff are by far the nicest service folk I have ever come across. Though they serve your classic bar food, they do it with class. I’m such a huge fan of their mussels, I may or may not have eaten two plates in one sitting.

2. Athens

509 Danforth Ave

Famous for their “honey balls”, or loukoumades, Athens has become one of the Danforth’s most beloved restaurants. During Taste, they always have the longest line up at their stand. I am a complete and total Athens fanatic, and every time I am back in Toronto I make a point of going. A coffee, spinach pie and a half dozen loukoumades gives me the warm fuzzies like no other food.

Photo cred - parthenonindy

3. Louis Meats

449 Danforth Ave

There is a huge debate on the best place to get cheap greek on the Danforth, but my personal fave will always be Louis. Disagree with me as you will, I’ve made my decision. And it comes down to two little words: GREEK FRIES. Not to mention their bomb as hell, beef and lamb gyros.

Photo cred - thetorontofoodjournal

4. Off The Hook

749 Broadview Ave

I’ve gotta say, it lives up to its name. Off The Hook is the best place to go for fish and chips. I almost positive their cooks are wizards because there is absolutely no way that someone could cook fish to that perfection without some sort of magic. Also, for all of you out there who are gonna complain about it not being “on the Danforth”, please save your typing. It’s at the Broadview cross street and it’s delicious. Just let it happen.

Photo cred - Marcus Alti

5. Avli

401 Danforth Ave

When you’re down to eat your Greek with some style, I recommend Avli. These guys know how to do it old school. Calamari, Greek salad, lamb shank, all the best. They’ve got a really swanky joint, with great service so if you’re looking for a good place to do a date, this is should be your go to.

Photo cred - ilfornello

6. Il Fornello

576 Danforth Ave

Call it a cliché, but Il Fornello will always be great. They’ve got decent prices, but still provide you with excellent food and a sleek, modern atmosphere. And I don’t know many people who can’t find something they like on the menu. Who doesn’t love Italian? I still have dreams about their seafood linguini.

Photo cred - Jose Salgado

7. Tapas Embrujo

97 Danforth Ave,

Tapas Embrujo is becoming quite a popular place on the Danforth. And it is totally deserved. It’s a great place to eat with your fam or a big group of friends. Their menu is a force to be reckoned with. It’s really hard to choose what’s the absolute best because all of their dishes are cooked with such flare. I’m gonna say that anything paella or sausage based, is a good place to start.

Photo cred - Rose U

8. The New York Café

757 Broadview Ave

My ultimate hungover brunch place. The New York Café just has that special something that makes you feel at home. They’re not the fanciest, but they do have great food. It’s laid back, and has that classic diner taste we all know and love.

Photo cred - greecetravel

9. Mezes

456 Danforth Ave

Mezes is my go to place when I just want to mow down. I’d just sit there and eat all day long if I had the funds. Their set up is v. romantic and is a great place to eat in the summer. They serve smaller, appetizer like portions, but holy crap are they rich in flavor. The saganaki, or flaming cheese, is the absolute best.

Photo cred - torontolife

10. Pizza Libretto

550 Danforth Ave

One of the newer places on the Danforth. But Pizza Libretto certainly has taken the name for best pizza. They have a hipster-esque location. Complete with brick walls and hanging lightbulbs, the whole place is pretty well put together if you ask me. If you’re going to get anything, I’m obsessed with their duck confit and pear pizza. Just saying the name makes me salivate.