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10 Toronto Slang Words That Need To Retire In 2015

The word on the street.

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In 2014, the city of Toronto unknowingly turned into a revised version of NYC - becoming a mecca for pastries, cold-pressed juices, craft beer, and a basketball team that wins when they're "on brand". Depending on the way you look at it, it also became a hub for new slang words which in due time, were cherished by anyone that takes Fashion at Ryerson or calls themselves an OCAD student. The following phrases are harmless on screen, but IRL they're terrifying as nothing's more disturbing than hearing a streetcar driver tell you your new pair of skate shoes are "on fleek".

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In generic terms - the female counterpart of a "bro". A high-maintenance college/university type who loves American Apparel, "Smirnoff icing" her biddie friends, and listening to biddie songs.

Example: "Is that a biddie wearing uggs in the summer?"


A adjective for feeling good or having something good happen to you. Commonly used on Twitter and Instagram to show appreciation or stunt on followers. Also another way of saying "stoned".

Example: "Smoke's came through with the late-night veggie poutine #blessed"


To be angry or pissed off at someone in particular or to feel like you've been played. Like Nicki Minaj, you're not upset, but just completely cheezed Drake's ignoring you on the low.

Example: "I'm still cheesed at him. All he cares about is the new adidas Yeezis."


A sarcastic term made popular by teenagers to show how "with it" they are when it comes to technology. Also a spelled out version of the "#"; used in text messages by annoying friends.

Example: "I'm at Wrongbar and my outfit is so on point right now, hashtag duh, hashtag winning."

"On Fleek"

An adjective that means amazing, impeccable, and "hella on point". Started by Vine user Peaches Monroe and popularized by Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and West Queen West girls.

Example: "When you pass a store window on Queen Street and notice your outfit is on fleek."

"Or Nah"

A trendy term used to form yes or no sentences or added as a replacement for "or not". Originated from Ty Dolla $ign's club song "Or Nah" and more commonly used by those on Twitter.

Example: "Would you cast me in The Weeknd's next music video or nah?"

"Real Talk"

A way of letting others know that you're being honest and sincere, and that you're being true to your own thoughts and feelings. Also used to confirm a valid statement made by someone else.

Example: "Oh my gawd. Becky got some sushi from Aji Sai for new True Life tonight, real talk."


Can be used as a noun or a verb; generally associated with being disrespectful towards someone and typically used with the word "throw" or "throwing". Often spared for "shady people".

Example: "That new girl at the studio was throwing shade like it's sunny."


Generally used to tell someone to go away when they make an unwanted proposition. Comes from Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music hit "Mercy" and forever synonymous with Lamborghinis.

Example: "You didn't text all summer and now you want to borrow Breaking Bad? Yo SWERVE."


A term used by males and females to describe something that's extremely exciting/fabulous. Commonly used to agree with someone or to express one's emotions when words can't.


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