10 Types Of Toronto Girls Guys Are Afraid To Date

But shouldn't be.
10 Types Of Toronto Girls Guys Are Afraid To Date

What exactly defines a relationship these days? Nobody goes out on a dinner date anymore, millennials just hang out. In a world of Netflix & Chill, does dating even exist? Everything is based around social media - you can even book a booth at Everleigh with a click of a button. But even one's love life seems to revolve around Tinder, Instagram Facebook and so on. There is this expectation that girls are supposed to chase after fvckboys until they finally smarten up and fall in love with them, but whoever said that was clearly mistaken.

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Dating in Toronto can be extremely scary, but it is all worth it when you finally meet that one special person. Relationships take work and they definitely aren't easy, but sometimes we're not scared of the actual commitment, but rather the person. Some people just seem to good for us and we walk away because of the fear of rejection. However, the risk is always worth the reward and nabbing a Toronto girl is quite the honour. Here are 10 prime examples of Toronto girls guys are afraid to date, but really shouldn't be.

1. The Independent Girl

She is the girl who enjoys some quality alone time - and there is nothing wrong with that. She enjoys space from you just as much as she enjoys time spent together. She is the girl who does not need to talk to you 24/7 or see you every day to know you love her. But being Miss Independent usually makes guys feel insecure and thus doubt the relationship - kind of like how we all lost a little bit of faith in the Toronto Blue Jays mid-season. Guys like to feel needed and tend to steer clear of girls who are fine both with and without them. But a girl who can handle herself should be admired, not passed off.

2. The Party Girl

She is the girl who knows how to have a good time. She parties all night, every weekend and knows all the hot spots. You'll catch her at Early Mercy on Thursdays, Apt. 200 on Fridays, The Addisons on Saturdays and Locals Only on Sundays - or something like that. She is the life of every party and has fun wherever she goes. Its not that Toronto guys don't want to date a girl who parties, they just don't want a girl who parties without them. It's mildly threatening - trusting her is not the issue, it is the people she is out with who are hard to trust - a girl can’t win. If she doesn’t like to go out, she is antisocial but if she does, she is a wild child. However, there can be a middle ground and that is why you should give the party girl a chance.

3. The Shy Girl

She is the girl who is usually quiet in social situations. You will probably find her deep in a book at the Toronto Public Library. She is the one who is never loud or gets in your face; she likes to keep to herself. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, you never really know what is going on inside that head of hers. She has walls and is not willing to let them come down for just anyone. But if you put in the effort, you will slowly start to see those walls crumble down as you gain her trust. Guys turn away from the shy girl because they relate being shy to having baggage. But even if she does have some emotional baggage, so what? Everyone does. If you show that you are willing to stick it out, she will be just as willing to come out of her shell.

4. The Nerdy Girl

She is the girl who knows what she is talking about. She most likely went to U of T for her undergrad and is currently working on her masters. Maybe she wants to go to law school or be a surgeon. Its not that you are dumb, she just works hard when it comes to her education. However, guys don't usually go for the nerdy girl because they like to have the upper hand. Lets say she wants to go to Figo for dinner but he wants to go to Momofuku - guys like to win arguments whether they admit it or not. Guys think the nerdy girl is too smart and always knows what is right and what is wrong, which hurts their pride. However, the nerdy girl is the least likely person to judge you. Just because she is smart does not mean she's shallow. Love her for her brain; don't use it against her.

5. The Guys Girl

She is the girl who is one of the guys. She has more guy friends than girl friends but could care less. She likes to spend her nights drinking cheap beer, eating greasy wings and watching the Toronto Raptors game with the dudes. The good thing is, if you date the guys girl you will have a lot in common, however, guys are afraid to date this kind of girl because she does not fit into the perfect, stereotypical mould of being female. She likes her sports, she chugs a beer from time to time and she doesn't spend two hours contouring her face. Instead of dissing the guys girl because she doesn't wear heels every time she goes out or because she swears like a sailor, give her a chance and be excited that you found someone you share similar interests with. Just because she can get along great with your buddies does not mean she isn't girlfriend material.

6. The Flirty Girl

She is the girl who would flirt with the CN Tower if it would flirt back. She likes to flirt, but she doesn't actually like any of the guys she is innocently flirting with - it's just who she is; it's her personality. Whether it is flirting with the ice cream guy at Sweet Jesus or one of her guy friends over bowling at Ballroom, she just has a naturally flirty demeanour. When girls flirt without knowing it, it is because they are friendly and usually in a deep conversation. Guys think if they catch a girl flirting with another guy, they aren't loyal. Wrong. Guys are afraid to date the flirty girl because they equate flirting to potentially cheating. But if you give the flirt a chance, you will see she is the most loyal of them all.

7. The Jealous Girl

She is the girl who has a difficult time sharing. She appreciates you so much that she does not like to see you with other girls. She wants you all to herself - like a croissant from Collette's. She values and cares for you, but has blinders up when it comes to seeing those same standards reflected back. It's not that she is a stage five clinger or anything, she just gets insecure and doesn't always know where the two of you stand. She feels emotions deeper than most and there is nothing wrong with that. The jealous girl makes guys worry she will always be jealous, but that is not the case. You will find as the trust in your relationship grows stronger, the less jealous she will be.

8. The Stubborn Girl

She is the girl who will never back down from a challenge. She is the girl who is tough as nails and is never willing to budge in an argument. She is the one who knows what she wants and refuses to settle for anything less. She is strong-willed and has a take it or leave it approach when it comes to dating, which scares guys. Delay on the subway? This girl will find a different route to still make it to work on time - no one and nothing gets in her way. She is not willing to change who she is for any man and anyone who tries to, she will disregard. Guys like it when things come easy to them, but dating the stubborn girl won't. However, if a guy puts in the work, he will find the stubborn girl is worth all her stubbornness.

9. The Hot Girl

She is the girl who is literally too hot to handle. She is drop dead gorgeous, out of this world beautiful and completely out of your league (or so you think). People stare at her all the way from Union to Bloor, but she never seems to notice. She is too good looking and probably spends most of her time and pay cheques in Yorkville. However, the hot girl is far from stuck up. Guys are afraid to date the hot girl because they think someone that good looking is pretentious, but that is not the case. The hot girl has a lot more going on than meets the eye. Don't be afraid of her just because she is pretty, she has multiple layers to her and may be your perfect match.

10. The Girl Boss

She is the girl who is out there hustling day in and day out. She is the girl who is not afraid of what she wants - she will just go out there and take it. Whether she works on Bay Street or King Street, she is focused on her career and is dedicated to making her dreams a reality. However, this can be intimidating for guys, especially those who see themselves as the breadwinner in the relationship. A girl who is invested in her career should be seen as sexy, not scary. Guys need to let go of the notion that they are the only ones who can be strong and successful and start seeing the girl boss as an equal in the relationship.

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