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10 Unique Date Ideas In Ontario For Adventurous Couples

Take your love to the extreme.

We all know a couple whose relationship thrives on adventure and adrenaline. They're the type of couple who aren't satisfied sitting through a romantic movie or snuggling by a cozy fireplace. Such options just aren't exciting enough. What they truly yearn for is the thrill, and their shared inclination to the extreme is what brought them together in the first place.

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In Toronto, skydiving, bungee jumping and the CN Tower's EdgeWalk are all standards on a thrill seeker's bucket list. But there is so much more available for thrill seekers to do; that is, if they are willing to venture a little beyond the 6 (and also into the deep reaches of their pockets). Here are 11 unique date ideas in Ontario for the adventurous couple:

Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat // Swim With Polar Bears

1 Drury Pk. Road, Cochrane, ON

In Cochrane, ON, there's a polar bear facility with a wading pool that is directly adjacent to the polar bears' swimming area. All that separates the pool from the swimming area is two inches of shatterproof glass! Stare into the eyes of a polar bear while you swim in this truly unique attraction. The swimming experience comes with your entrance fee to the facility; however, it is not a feature that is available every day. Contact the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat for more details.

Instinct Windsports // Hang gliding

1189 Weeby Place, Waterloo, ON

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than being hundreds of feet in the air. Instinct Windsports in Waterloo, ON offers tandem flights with a certified hang glider via a high-powered winch. Once in flight, the instructor lets you try out the controls so you can get a feel of what it's like to control the glider. Flights can run up to 20 minutes and cost around $150. See their website for more information on their Spring/Summer schedule.

Ride On Rentals // Snowmobile Tours

774 Mountain Rd, Collingwood, Ontario

Take in the glory of the Canadian winter and go on a snowmobile tour! Ride On Rentals in Collingwood, ON offers 4 hour snowmobile tours for $199 per person or $219 for doubles. You'll get to explore Ontario's breathtaking back country, filled with amazing forest and river scenery. The package comes with a 1-hour dinner stop at Mylar's and Loretta. Ride On Rentals also has a variety of other excursion options. See their website for more details.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures // Eco Adventure

260/280 Scenic Caves Road, Blue Mountains, ON

With Spring close approaching, you and your partner may want to plan an Eco Adventure with Scenic Caves! Their Green Season Package costs around $85 per person and includes several exciting activities, including a self-guided tour of caves in the area, tree top canopying, walking across a suspension bridge, zip lining and much more.

Trail Tours // Dirt Biking

Peterborough, ON

Release your inner badass this upcoming Spring and go dirt biking with your significant other! Trail Tours offers dirt bike lessons for beginners and tours throughout their dirt trails. Full days cost around $230 on weekdays and $261 on weekends, and they also offer special rates for evenings. See their website for more details.

Grand River Rafting Company // Stand-up Paddleboarding

51 William Street, Paris, ON

You and your significant other don't need to go somewhere tropical to experience paddleboarding! Grand River Rafting Company in Paris, ON, gives stand up paddleboarding lessons for around $90 per person. The package includes a 1 hour lesson, and a 2-3 hour free run down the Grand River.

Powered Paragliding Ontario // Paragliding

630 Welland Ave, St. Catherines, ON

Powered paragliding is a unique way to soar the skies. It involves sitting in a caged apparatus equipped with a parachute and a motorized fan that essentially propels you forward through the air. Andre Zeman of Powered Paragliding Ontario offers 1 hour tandem flights for $289 + tax and back-to-back tandem flights for $529 + tax.

Adventure Seeker Tours // Ice Climbing

Elora, Ontario

Rock climbing is so yesterday. Adventure Seeker Tours offers ice climbing sessions for $160 per person! The climb takes place at one of the icefalls in Elora, ON or Tiffany Falls, Ancaster and the package includes lessons as well as all the necessary equipment rentals.

Ray’s Reptiles // Reptile Zoo

5305 Bank St, Ottawa, ON

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is dedicated to all things reptile and amphibian! The facility offers guided tours of its reptile exhibits and even provides hands-on petting and feeding activities. Brave your fears of the creepy and the crawly and schedule a visit to the Reptile Zoo today!

Flyboard Niagara // Flyboarding

Flyboard Niagara is the new cool way to have fun with water. Essentially, your feet are strapped on to a board that's equipped with strong-powered water jets that use the surrounding water to propel you upward. 30-minute flights are $149 per person and include lessons and equipment.

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