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10 Unique Dates You Can Go On For Free This Weekend In Toronto

Try something new and reap the rewards!
10 Unique Dates You Can Go On For Free This Weekend In Toronto

Our amazing city has something for everyone no matter who you are, what you're into, or how much spare cash you currently have - even if that figure is precisely zero dollars.

If you've got a date with bae lined up for this weekend, but you still haven't decided what you want to do, we've got you covered - from the romantic to the totally unique, and everything in between, whatever vibe you're going for, there will be something for you both!

1. Get a head-start on your Christmas shopping at the Toronto Christmas Market

Ranked as one of the Top 10 Christmas markets in the world, Toronto knows how to do seasonal markets and do them well. With dozens of vendors, the two of you can spend the whole evening seeking out perfect little gifts, eating huge amounts of market food (how does it always taste so good?), or chilling out by the fire in one of several beer gardens.

The market is usually ticketed on the weekend, but opening night on Friday 18th November is free for everyone!

2. Get your fall aesthetic on point with autumn selfies at High Park

By now you know the drill, in just a couple of weeks the trees will be completely bare and the city's many wonderful parks are going to start looking pretty barren. However, there's still time to get that perfectly-timed couple's selfie surrounded by falling orange leaves and looking all romantic and autumnal on Insta.

3. Play ping pong & drink hot chocolate

In celebration of the launch of their new no-fee rewards card, RBC is dropping the World of Rewards+ in the heart of Liberty Village at 80 Lynn William's Street this weekend, and all the perks and activities are totally free! You can relive your childhood let your competitive side run wild playing huge versions of Jenga, Connect 4, ping pong and other classic games - just don't take it too far if it's a first date!

Then you can grab a free coffee or hot chocolate to stay nice and toasty, stock up on sweets at their 'Candy Bar' and interact with the Rewards wall to try your luck at winning big!

Can’t make it to Liberty Village this weekend for RBC's World of Rewards+? No problem. Get in on the fun and head to their website for a chance to win amazing prizes!

4. Get cultured with the MOCA x Akin Fall Gallery Crawl

Starting at noon on Saturday 19th November, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Akin Projects are hosting a fall gallery crawl featuring tours of recent exhibits at galleries across the city. With the focus being on contemporary art you never know what you might end up seeing, but Toronto is renowned for its creativity, so you're bound to be impressed.

It's all free, just be ready at Diaz Contemporary on Niagara Street for the 12pm start time!

5. People-watch in the Eaton Centre

Instead of avoiding the crowds, embrace them, and make it a date. The weekends leading up to Christmas bring out all the interesting characters this city has to offer, so grab a coffee, take a seat, look out for all the crazies, and be thankful you found each other through all the madness (awww!).

6. Put a Scandinavian twist on your weekend at the Swedish Christmas Fair

For this weekend only, the Harbourfront Centre is hosting a Swedish Christmas Fair. You can check out the Swedish Market for cute ornaments and gifts that you won't find anywhere else in Toronto. There's also some pretty impressive folk dancing and singing in traditional costumes which you can enjoy as you share a warm mug of glögg (Swedish hot spiced wine).

Open 11am - 5pm on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November. Free for everyone!

7. Light up your night with Illuminite

As the days start to get shorter and the evenings get darker, Toronto, being the awesome city that it is, is lighting up the night with some pretty spectacular illuminated decorations. Illuminite is the first of a bunch of tree-lighting ceremonies across the city, so you can be the first of your friends to bring Christmas-light-based joy to everyone's feeds.

It's all going down at Yonge-Dundas Square, with live performances from homegrown talent Ride The Tiger and promises a spectacular lighting ceremony! It kicks off on Saturday 19th November from 5:30pm ending at around 7:30pm.

8. Join the crowd at the Santa Claus Parade

Toronto certainly has a few unique quirks and traditions, and the annual Santa Claus Parade is no exception. Now in its 112th year, it's certainly a sight to behold! Let the inner child in both of you believe again as you catch a glimpse of the Big Man in Red, and soak up some holiday cheer guaranteed to get you excited for Christmas!

On Sunday 20th November, a full-on parade with an assortment of floats, dancers, and music makes its ways from Christie Pits to St. Lawrence Market starting at 12:30pm.

9. Check out some of the city's awesome street art

You may have already walked down Graffiti Alley a dozen times, but you could walk down it a dozen more times and find new artwork each time. The colour and creativity is always so inspiring and makes for a great Instagram pic with or without the two of you in the frame.

Extra-soppy points if you and bae try to find all the love hearts hidden in the graffiti.

10. Listen to some live jazz music for a mellow end to your weekend

There are loads of places across town that have some amazing talent performing at them and you don't even have to pay a cover charge for the pleasure of listening. For a pretty unique way to see out your Sunday, head over to The Rex on Queen West and listen to some live music.

If you're not sure about jazz music, try it out anyway - you might just surprise yourself!

Head over to RBC's website to find out more about their new Rewards+™ Visa card!

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