Clubbing can be over rated in some people's eyes, 

Looking to switch up the scene and try something new and spooky? Toronto, being the awesome city that it obviously is, has plenty of events going on for those people who are not down to hit up the busy entertainment district on Halloween.

If you would rather avoid crammed nightclubs, drunk people and spilt drinks (on your expensive costume), here is a list of 10 unique things you can do in Toronto this Halloween:

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1. Power Up Game Bar // 38 Wellington St E. 

Consoles and cocktails? Forget about raving and being crammed in a night club, enjoy a couple of drinks and video games instead.

Event dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Check out their Facebook event page for more details.

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2. Snakes & Lattes Board Game Cafe // 600 Bloor St W.

Snakes and Lattes is a super laid back place to go for spooky festivities. Start your Halloween celebrations early and check out their newly announced Draught and Draft, Magic: the Gathering. The weekly event will kick off this Wednesday, just before Hallows weekend.

Check out their Facebook event page for more details.

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3. Paint Lounge // multiple locations. 

Join the paint party this Friday, October 28th and 29th at Paint Lounge. But hurry up and register for this exciting Halloween event here because spaces are limited. Get creative and perhaps paint a Jack-O-Lantern or other symbolic Halloween images on a 12×12 canvas, while listening to hallowing jazz and dark romantic beats along with some drinks.

Event dates: Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th.

Check out the event page here posted on their website.

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4. Carnivale Halloween // 444 Yonge St.

The Carlu is a historic event space in Toronto, that will be transformed into a living, breathing, haunted experience with creepy decor, live performances and music.

Event dates: Saturday, October 29th.

Check out their Facebook event page for more details.

5. #SkittlesAve // 107-117 Helendale Ave.

Who's down for free Skittles and a rad street party? The haunted festivities will kick off at Eglinton and Duplex and will continue down the street as it's transformed under the colors of the rainbow for a Halloween spectacle! Visit #skittlesave from 28th to 31st to check out decorated houses, participate in fun activities and have the ultimate trick-or-treat experience.

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6. The Haunted Walk // 56 The Esplanade

City Tours Toronto organizes Haunted Walks all year long, but there is no better time to do it than Halloween. Explore Toronto's very own haunted places such as the University of Toronto, The Black Pioneer Village, The Distillery District and many more this Halloween!

Event dates: Monday,October 24th - Monday, October 31st.

Check out their website for more event details.

7. Legends of Horror at Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace

Toronto's magical Casa Loma has been transformed into a haunted castle that features an immersive theatrical interpretation of classic horror figures. Legends of Horror will take guests on a one hour self-guided walk through the darkest tunnels and spaces of the castle people have never seen before.

Event dates: Monday October 24th- Monday October 31st.

Check out their website for more details.

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8. Toronto Horror Hallways // 37 Stoffel Dr.

Horror Hallways will take you on a never-ending maze of horror. Make your way through darkness and challenge your inner fear as you go on this haunt.

Event dates: Friday October 28th - Monday October 31st.

Check out their website for more details.

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9. Night of The Dread // 875 Dufferin St.

The Clay & Paper Theatre is hosting their 17th annual Night of The Dread. The haunted parade will begin at Duffren Grove Park at 6pm for an evening of pageantry, masquerade, music, towering puppets, stilt dancers, fire-spinners and fearful masks.

Event dates: Saturday, October 29th.

Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

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10. Hallowe'en On Church // Church Village.

Every year on October 31st, Church Street throws a massive street party to celebrate Halloween. Thousands of people gather from all over North America for this event and dress up in their most creative costumes as they enjoy the massive outdoor party. If you are looking to have a couple of drinks or are feeling hungry, many restaurants and bars are hosting Halloween themed events.

Event date: Monday,October 31st.