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10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer In Toronto

Get your playlist ready.
10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer In Toronto

From the breathtaking rooftop views, amazing events and easy-breezy getaways, nothing's better than Toronto in the summer.  It's the perfect time to load up the car with friends or potential love interest for a season of adventure, epic sights and amazing memories. Just make sure to put them in charge of curating the perfect playlist, unless they pitch for gas!

To get the ball-rolling,and ensure you get the most out of your summer sixteen, here are some suggestions for creating extra memorable moments in and around the city.

Photo cred - @annesiaxally

1. Explore all of the nature gems nearby

Did you know that this grotto existed? Or how about these waterfalls? From nearby trips, to those a couple hours away, all are worth the journey, and can be seen in a day.

Photo cred - Electric Island

2. Dance your life away on an island

No need to fly across the world, when just a short car ride away is Electric Island. Check out the season lineup, plan your rave day, and have the best time ever.

3. Explore key Toronto neighbourhoods

Jump in the car and take a trip down the Entertainment District, continuing on to the trendy cool Queen West. Explore the appeal of Yorkville and charming Little Italy, then venture outward, park by The Beaches to end the day by the water. Sound perfect? Pit stop at these sunny patios to refuel.

4. Plan a weekend getaway

Cottage weekend in Muskoka? Spa weekend in Blue Mountain? 24-hour trip just to party at New City Gas? Whatever your preference is, do it, and invite fun people to come with you.

5. Party on the lawn at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Wide outdoor space, a sea of people having a good time and enjoying live music; what’s not to love? Also, tickets are usually mad cheap. Check out Molson’s website for upcoming shows.

6. Have a picnic at The Bluffs

Gorgeous sights, great trails, and amazing for tanning. Pack some sandwiches in the trunk, bring a date, enjoy the day! Recipe for success right there.

Photo cred - Magical Stills

7. Date night at the Drive-In

Whether it's friend night (Carload Sunday anyone?), or a first-encounter Bumble date; everyone loves the drive-in on a warm summer night. Drive over to The Docks and check out the movie listings to see what's playing. Not to mention the view...

8. Get your festival on

Festival season may as well be the new reference for summer. Whether you and your friends are loading up in the Sedan and roadtripping to WayHome, Osheaga, or enjoying the likes of Mad Decent Block Party, Veld or OVO Fest; party on, make memories and capture them all on your camera roll.

9. Go Treetop Trekking with a friend

Face your fears and go treetop trekking! There are 5 parks in Ontario, two of them being only 25 minutes away by car from the downtown core. Have fun flying across ziplines, climbing balance logs, cable traverses, hammock nets, wooden bridges and Tarzan swings. Just watch your step!

10. Get full and happy at all the food events

While dieting for the chance to be spotted hanging around Toronto’s hottest new pool patio sounds fun (it's opening July 8 btw), consuming great food wins bigger imo. From the endless options offered at Summerlicious, to all fried everything at The Ex, eat and be merry!