10 Ways To Live Like A Kardashian In Toronto

In K, we trust.
10 Ways To Live Like A Kardashian In Toronto

Even if some of us can't admit it, I think we're all a little envious of the lives the Kardashian family lead. But what makes them so great? What do they do, day-to-day, that gives them that life-boost? And most importantly, HOW CAN WE BE LIKE THEM?

We've got the inside scoop on how to live your life as "Kardashian-y" as possible! It doesn't just have to be through the apps, anymore.

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1. "Waist" No Time.

A waist like Kim's doesn't just come from sitting on your couch. Kim starts her day with a workout, or two, and doesn't "waist" any time by forgetting her waist trainer. Toronto has a Rexdale boutique known as 416 Hour Glass Girls, ready to help you start training to slowly be Kim.

2. Brunch So Hard A Mimosa Wanna Find Me.

Is there anything more drool-worthy than watching the Kardashian's dine out at various of their favourite brunch spots, and knowing we can't join them? If Kim was here, I know she would dabble in the most instagrammable spots in the city. And the patio, for good lighting. To get Toronto's best beignet, Kim would head to Café Boulud, in high-class fashion like the ones pictured above.

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3. Don't Lose Your Earrings In The Ocean, Try A Bath.

Kim LOVES her baths, and likes to switch it up when it comes to products. Of course, the more unique the better. If you wanna bathe like Kim, a LUSH Sex Bomb is your best bet. While ethically conscious products meet cute and fun, Kim also adores the rose scent in her bubbles.

4. Treat Yo' Self(ie)!

There's nothing Kim loves more than getting her hair and makeup done (except Kanye, North, and Saint!). Every girl loves to pamper herself once in a while, hair done, everything "did". To compete the look, stop by Holt Renfrew and pick up Charlotte Tilbury makeup products that are among Kim's faves. Keep your face looking fierce as usual.

5. There's Nothing Like Tea Time.

North and P, like the little princesses they are, must love tea time with their moms! Kim's down time for tea is important, and her choice for afternoon tea would definitely be the Shangri-La hotel. Lots to choose from, and a luxurious environment, make for a winning combination.

6. Kardashian Beaut-ify Your Life.

You want to live like the girls? Add them all to your routine! Get their products at Trade Secrets  for all your beauty needs, and get the Kardashian look every day.

7. Be Balmain.

There's an intense connection between The K's and Balmain, so it's time to suit up ladies and gents. You may find yourself, or them, browsing in DA ZOO°, TNT, or SERPENTINE for the latest in all that is Balmain fashion.

8. Lounge In Luxury.

Even laying in bed should feel like a Kardashian love affair. On the cobbles of Yorkville, head over to the Calvin Klein store for all of your briefs + bra needs. If I can't look like Kendall, at least I can dress like her right?

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9. I'm In Love With The Ko-Cleanse!

Khloe and the girls are aaalllll about the cleanses! While there may not be specific cleanse tea shops in the city, I know they'd be dying to try (as am I!) our local juice cleanses like Greenhouse, Cedar, or Total Cleanse. There are several to choose from, with juice collections that compliment each other perfectly.

10. Get Scarily Beautiful.

If you're looking to be just like Kim, and live the high life just for a moment, then a vampire facial is ideal for you. New You Spa is the perfect place to live like a Queen Kardashian for a day. How else does one strive for greatness?