10 Ways To Survive A Summer Breakup

Breakups, the cleanse that hurts like hell.

Breakups suck and no matter what season they may occur in, it can be difficult to navigate through life after one. Think of a breakup like overeating. You feel like crap for a while but that feeling will subside and when it does, you get a new leash on life. A breakup is a much needed cleanse, never dwell on your sorrows but instead rid yourself from the pain and give yourself around 30 days to ‘relationship detox’.

When dealing with a breakup in the summer, one can be faced with mixed emotions. Yes, you are now able to go out with your friends and simply enjoy your outings without even thinking about someone else and just allow your inhibitions to flow. However, you can also feel lonely because you no longer have that special someone to fill those beautiful days and nights with romantic adventures. Don’t sweat it because as the saying goes ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’. Here are some of the most killer ways to get over your ex, while of course looking and feeling drop dead gorgeous.

1. Mourn it, then burn it

Of course what you had with your ex may have been special, so if need be take some time to process the sadness. Crying is okay if required but once you have let it out of your system, lock it away and as Usher would say 'let it burn'.

2. Drinking alone is an absolute NO NO

You are in no state to be left alone with your emotions and a bottle of booze. Drinking alone is NOT allowed so if drinking is required, do so with a friend. Cellphones and drunk dialling is not your friend, at least for the first 30 days.

3. Do not give into dumpers remorse

Stay distracted; go out and explore your city, learn about you. Think of this time as a new relationship, one where you are able to do all the things you would want to do with a significant other but instead you are doing it for yourself. Just because you are single, romance doesn't have to be dead.

4. Blast empowerment music with a side of love songs

Pump yourself up by playing songs that motivate you forward. Breakups are upsetting but you can now move onto the stage of realizing you are fabulous and your ex, not so much. Also, add in some love songs. It can feel semi-twisted of you to be listening to sweet lovey dovey songs at the moment but they can actually help you to feel motivated and excited to one day fall in love again.

5. Get rid of your spy equipment, communication with the EX is forbidden

Don't be that person who is so heartbroken that they become creepy and lurk in the social media shadows. You do not need to have a play-by-play of what your ex is up too, it just isn't healthy. If you cannot be trusted, log off for a few weeks.

6. Get It Right, Get It TIGHT

PUT DOWN the junk food. Now is not the time to stuff your face. Wipe that smudged mascara off your face and find an activity to help uplift you while shedding a few pounds. Looking and feeling good is one of the best forms of revenge. The last thing you want is to run into your ex looking horrible but rather be prepared to run into him/her and make them drool, wishing they still had you. It's time that you start looking good and are prepared to meet mr/mrs right or right now.

7. Give yourself a makeover

Sometimes giving yourself a makeover, dramatic or small can help you to feel revitalized and ready to take on the world of 'singledom'. Don't be fooled single in the city can be very sexy.

8. Reorganize your space

You may want to remove anything in your home that reminds you of your ex. Buying new sheets can also help to rid your bedroom of sadness and spice it up with positive vibes.

9. Learn something new

If at anytime you become bored with your day-to-day routine, try a new activity. It can be exciting to put yourself in an unfamiliar situation where you feel vulnerable and intrigued. Trying new things that are not tainted with the ghost of ex boyfriends/girlfriends past is always welcomed.

10. Book a trip

Honestly, if all else fails and you are in the financial situation to do so, book a flight. It doesn't matter if you want to do so alone or with some friends, just get out of here. It doesn't even have to be overseas, just get in your car and go for a drive. Being in new surroundings can be quite therapeutic.