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10 Ways You Will Win At Life In Toronto This Summer

It's a lot easier than you think.
10 Ways You Will Win At Life In Toronto This Summer

Looking for simple ways to both do good and feel good this summer? From donating your clothing to local nonprofits to taking a meditation class in downtown Toronto, here are 10 ways to better yourself, spread good vibes, and do your part for the #RethinkReuse movement (you'll also boost your karma at the same time!).

1. Re-purpose your clothes into something new and fabulous.

Obsessing over that crop top you saw online? Denim cutoffs basically part of your summer uniform? Instead of splurging on pricey new clothes, why not look through your closet for items you don’t really wear anymore and re purpose them.

Trim the bottom of a tank using a pair of scissors for a more low-key look. Find an old pair of jeans (or thrift a pair from Value Village), and DIY your own cutoffs. Upcycling clothing you already have in your closet will not only save you money if you're on a budget, but will also put out those good karma vibes by minimizing textile waste.

via @valuevillage_thrift

2. Set aside books you don't read.

If you love to read, you know just how awesome it is to sit down with a new book (on a patio, no less!). So why not share the love by donating ones you’ve already read? Local nonprofits and book charities will be happy to take them off your hands!

3. Take a meditation class.

For some of us, fast-paced city life can be somewhat anxiety-inducing, especially during the hot and crowded summer months. Drop in at a meditation class to clear your head, you’ll no doubt leave feeling enlightened in more ways than one.

via @yyoga

4. Have dinner with strangers and spread good vibes.

Part of #winning at life is having friends to share it with, right? If you're feeling adventurous, try expanding your friend group by having dinner with people you've never met (don't worry, it's not as awkward as it sounds!). Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try it--you'll be surrounded by amazing company who just might turn into new bff's.

via @rndmdnr

5. Try an unconventional fitness class.

Bored of your regular workout routine? Test out a new fitness class like indoor surfing-inspired workouts (yes, they exist in Toronto!). We all know that working out gives you an endorphin rush, and the happier you are, the more good vibes you'll put out there. Plus who doesn't love a fun workout to help you achieve your summer body #goals?

via @surfsetto

6. Explore the city on a bike.

There's no better way to see Toronto's diverse neighbourhoods than on a bike. Check out street art on Dundas St. or make your way down to Harbourfront for a view of the water, just to name a few.

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7. Make your own cute tray for jewelry and hair accessories.

Why not display your accessories proudly on an upcycled thrifted tray? Having your jewelry on display will definitely make it easier to reach for a piece to complete an outfit, and it can also double as storage space for your hair accessories!

via @valuevillage_thrift

8. Learn how to cook new dishes.

If you’re a foodie, you probably already know how much eating out a few times a week can add up. Instead of testing out new restaurants, take a cooking class and learn how to make new dishes! Once you've nailed a new recipe, invite your squad over for dinner, drinks, and good company.

via @theediblestory

9. Donate your seasonal accessories.

If you’ve ever gone thrift shopping, you know how damn exciting it is to find a cashmere scarf or a quality pair of sunnies. So after every season, don’t forget to contribute to the #RethinkReuse movement by donating your unused summer and winter accessories like sandals, sweaters, skates, or scarves to local nonprofits that are making a tangible impact (you can do so at Value Village).

via @valuevillage_thrift

10. Donate gently worn clothing.

Donating a few tops and jeans each season might not seem like a lot, but by donating to local nonprofits at Value Village, you’ll help keep reusable items out of landfills. There’s no time like the present to clean out your closet, and feel awesome knowing your clothes will be given a new life.

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