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10 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Canada

Canada Day just passed and what better way to celebrate then to educate ourselves on some weird facts about our homeland? Here are some strange things you probably didn’t know about our country.

We love our big fat island, but there are many things that are still unknown and interesting for us to understand and acknowledge about Canada.

1. There Are A Lot Of Friggin’ Snakes In Winnipeg

The Narcisse Snake Dens Conservation Area in Winnipeg houses tens of thousands of garter snakes each spring (mid-April to early May). There’s even viewing platforms so you can watch from afar, but like, who would want to watch something like this?

2. We Are Prepared For The Arrival Of Aliens

For some odd reason a UFO landing pad was built in St. Paul, Alberta in 1967. This was the first UFO landing pad to be built in the world, and was put together thanks to the town of St. Paul. I guess it never hurts to be prepared?

3. Even Polar Bears Can Get Sent To Prison In Manitoba

In the remote Churchill Manitoba, the world’s only polar bear prison, keeps the town safe from the bears breaking into their homes in search of food. The number of polar bears that pass through this town at times can outnumber the amount of humans living in it. So the solution was to build a prison to teach these bears whose boss and prevent them from returning into town. Don’t ask how this is humane or legal, but maybe anything goes in Churchill?

4. Canada Consumes More Mac & Cheese Than Any Other Country In The World

Is there really much more to say about this then we love our fake orange cheese and conveniently cheap dinners?

5. The World Can Thank Us For Electric Wheelchairs

Yes, the electric wheelchair was a brilliant invention by a Canadian. George Klein developed the electric wheelchair to assist injured veterans in World War II.

6. We Are Pretty Smart

Canada is ranked to be the most educated country in the world, more than half of all adults in our country have post-secondary education of some sort. On top of that, we’ve somehow managed to be a world leader in education without being a leader in education spending; I guess we’re doing something right!

7. Santa Claus Is Actually From Canada

Our post office receives millions of letters for Santa during the Christmas season, and “Mrs. Claus” responds to every single one! Canada claimed the address of Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H0H0, so North Pole or not, Santa is Canadian. In fact, The Citizenship and Immigration Minister declared that Santa Claus is officially Canadian.

8. The Netherlands Loves To Shower Us In Tulips

In 1945 the Dutch sent Ottawa 100,000 tulip bulbs as a “thank you” for keeping a Dutch Princess and her kids safe during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War. We even declared the maternity ward in the Ottawa Civic Hospital an official temporary part of international territory so that the Princesses daughter could be born in no country and inherit only a Dutch citizenship. Since then, we constantly get tulips from the Dutch, hence the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa in May.

9. We love our donuts

Canada has more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the world. What more could anyone really need?

10. We are fully responsible for Hawaiian pizza

Yep, a Canadian invented Hawaiian pizza. This pizza creation comes from Sam Panopoulos who lives in London, Ontario. He was the first to make this masterpiece at his restaurant in Chatham back in 1962. So no, you can’t thank the people of Honolulu or Maui for this brilliant invention.

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