There's about a month left of summer. And it's about time you and your BFF go on a super cool adventure. Especially since you've probably exhausted all the girl's day options the city has to offer. 

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Are you and your BFF super adventurous? Or would you rather go somewhere where there is a spa? We've got you covered. Check out this list of adventures to go on with your homegirl in Ontario no matter what you and your BFF like best. 

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Eagle Canyon Zip Line // Dorion, ON

Just 45 minutes east of Thunder Bay there are some pretty dope zip lines above Eagle Canyon. They suspend a hundred feet above a river below, and carries passengers over 72km/hour! Insane!

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Xtreme Water Sports // Grand Bend, ON

Head up to Grand Bend for a weekend of fun summer adventures. Xtreme Water Sports allows people to rent jet skis, wave runners and jet boats! The ultimate adventure starts here.

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Algonquin Provincial Park // Ontario

If you and your BFF are into hiking, Algonquin has 14 beautiful trails that will seriously put you in touch with nature.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

If you and your BFF are into sandy beaches and clear water, spend the weekend camping at Pancake Bay Provincial Park!

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Wild Exodus // Timmins, ON 

Glamping is all the rage this summer. This campsite at $151 a night provides several luxurious packages you and your BFF will love.

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Pillar and Post Spa & Hotel // Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

This stunning old hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi and several different spa services. Not to mention the town of Niagara is absolutely adorable.

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Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain // Blue Mountains, ON

This beautiful spa has an incredible outdoor pool, and some of the most unique spa treatments in Ontario. Make a weekend out of it with your BFF! You deserve it.

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Rent A Cottage In Muskoka

Want to take a weekend away with your BFF? Get some much needed BFF time and privacy at a cottage in Muskoka.

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Park Hyatt // 4 Avenue Rd, Toronto

Too lazy to actually go anywhere? Check out this amazing hotel right at home in Toronto. You and your BFF can pretend you're somewhere else.

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Rent A Cabin Away From Everyone

If you're over everyone and just want to sloth with your BFF, rent a cabin and bring games, alcohol and movies. You'll never have to move again!

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Port Dover Beach // Norfolk County, ON

Take a day trip to Port Dover! This incredible beach is perfect if you just want to be lazy and lay on the beach all. Day. Long.