11 Allegedly Haunted Houses You Can Explore In Ontario

Enter at your own risk.
11 Allegedly Haunted Houses You Can Explore In Ontario

Scattered throughout Ontario's rich history are a number dark and bone-chilling moments that have become an integral part of the province's heritage. There are several historic sites still standing today that have preserved the haunted and eerie legends of Ontario's past.

Here are 11 allegedly haunted houses you can explore in Ontario and the stories behind them:

Note: Several of these have been turned into museums and are available for public tours. Please contact each establishment before visiting.

Colborne Lodge


The Colborne Lodge is a house within High Park that was once owned by a couple named John and Jemima Howard. According to historical records, she had died from breast cancer in 1877 in her bedroom on the second floor. In 1969, a police officer patrolling the area claimed to have seen the ghost of Jemima standing by the windows of that room. Other visitors also noted feeling prickly sensations on the back of their necks, and experiencing creepy visions during their tour.

Germania Schoolhouse


Germania was once a small village in Bracebridge that was originally settled by Germans because of the promising soil and farming potential in the area. Overtime, it grew to about 200 residents and gained a school, post office, general store and blacksmith shop. It is now abandoned, and some explorers claim to have had haunted experiences during their visits. This may be due to the fact that the town was the site of a highly publicized infanticide and several family tragedies.

The Grange


The Grange is a 200-year-old mansion that is now connected to the Art Gallery of Ontario. It is known to be home to quite a few spirits that still haunt its halls today. Some past visitors claimed to have seen a man in a yellow velvet coat who walks through walls, as well as a lady in black that roams the bedrooms on the second floor. Many believe that such spirits are those of past writers that used to live in the building, including Goldwin Smith or Algernon Blackwood.

Keg Mansion


The Keg Mansion on Jarvis St in Toronto was actually once home to the infamous Massey family. The mansion was the site of a well-known incident involving a housemaid's suicide. Stories say that the maid had hung herself from an oval vestibule in the main foyer, and several guests of the Keg have reported seeing visions of her hanging while dining there. The creepy sounds of children's voices are also said to be heard coming from the upper floor washrooms.

Mackenzie House


The Mackenzie House was the home of Toronto's first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie. It's been coined the most haunted place in Toronto, and for good reason - many visitors have spotted the mayor's lingering ghost in his old bedroom, as well as the ghost of an unknown woman who frequently roams the hallways. Other paranormal instances that have been reported include a rocking chair that rocks by itself in the basement, ghosts laughing in the stairwell and the in-house printing press operating on its own.

Perth Museum


The Perth Museum is a stone home from the 1840s that was built for Sir Roderick Matheson, a former Canadian senator and merchant. Many visitors claim to have seen ghosts of his wife and children roaming around the house, even during operating hours of the museum. Matheson died in Perth in 1873 from a stroke, and it is said that his spirit made its back to the home to haunt it forever.

Proctor House


The Proctor House is a Victorian-style mansion that was built for the Proctor family in 1867. Paranormal investigators report that there are several ghosts that reside in the home, as well as in the surrounding grounds. Visitors have experienced pushing sensations, objects that move on their own, and cold pockets in various rooms of the house.

Rossmore House


The Rossmore Housewas once the home of George, Elizabeth and Gertrude Rossmore. Not much is known about their history, but many passersbys of the home have reported seeing their ghostly figures standing in various rooms of the house.

Spadina House


The Spadina House has quite a few ghost stories associated with it. Staff and visitors have reported some odd supernatural experiences, including encounters with greyish ghosts in private areas within the property and sightings of unknown figures that dart from room to room. What's particularly odd about these ghostly occurrences is that they continue to happen despite the fact that there weren't any tragic deaths that occurred in the residence in the past.

Whitehern Mansion


Whitehern Mansionis the former home of the McQuesten family, who came to Hamilton in 1882. Isaac, the first born, committed suicide in the house 6 years after in his sleep after consuming alcohol. Visitors have reported being chased down the stairs by ghosts, hearing the piano within the house play on its own, and being startled by sudden banging noises.

Trafalgar Castle


The Trafalgar Castle is currently an all girls' boarding school, but it was once the home of a man known as Sheriff Reynolds. The haunted history of the castle is relatively unknown, but students who attend the school have noted weird occurrences like strange sounds echoing in the hallways and doors that open and close on their own.

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