11 Allegedly Haunted Restaurants You Can Dine At In Ontario

Dine if you dare.
11 Allegedly Haunted Restaurants You Can Dine At In Ontario

Ontario has a wide assortment of restaurants that offer rather unusual experiences, from dining in complete darkness to murder-mystery-infused entertainment. It even has a few restaurants that are allegedly haunted by real ghosts.

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If you're looking to get spooked this Halloween, a visit to one of these 11 restaurants should do the trick:

Augusta's Winking Judge


Augusta's Winking Judge is more than just a pub eatery with a great selection of brews - it's also a hotspot for paranormal activity. A famous ghost of the restaurant known by locals as "The Judge" is often seen in the upper floor men's washroom dressed in a dark suit and top hat. Past guests have also reported brushing sensations against their legs as they dined, and speaking to strangers that weren't actually there.

Coach & Lantern


Coach & Lantern is a British pub that was built in the 1700s. The place is said to be home to the ghost of an old, plaid-wearing caretaker who died in a fire in the 1980s. Past guests have reported multiple sightings of the man, as well as hearing random whispers in their ears from him as they ate dinner.

Corks Winebar and Eatery


Corks Winebar and Eatery is supposedly the former site of The Buttery Restaurant, which was where a woman was accidentally murdered by her mentally ill brother. Many people claim to have seen her ghost in the basement, where she was buried. Today, the ghost is said to haunt Corks, and it is believed that she can only be calmed down by an exorcism.

The Courtyard Restaurant


The Courtyard, a high-endrestaurant, is allegedly haunted by a woman in a long black gown. It is said that the woman, who lived in Victorian times, was killed in an unexpected fire. Flickering lights and moving bar equipment have been reported by past staff, especially during instances when they purposely tried to provoke her.

Emma's Back Porch


Emma's Back Porch is a family restaurant that is said to be watched over by the original owner's daughter who passed away unexpectedly. Today, people have reported seeing the ghosts of both mother and daughter in the second floor of the restaurant. They have even been captured on film and seen in the restaurant's mirrors on occasion.

The Jester's Court

Port Perry

The Jester's Court was built in 1959 and has a rich history of paranormal activity. Some notable ghosts known to haunt it include a lady in a blue dress, an old woman, and a few unnamed children. There have been reports of guests talking to these ghosts at Table 13 of the restaurant, as well as randomly levitating objects that are believed to be the old woman's doing.

The Keg Mansion


The Keg Mansion was once the home of the famous Massey family. It was the site of a gruesome suicide involving a maid who hung herself in the mansion's foyer. Nowadays, apparations of her lifeless body are said to roam the restaurant, with frequent sightings of them in the second floor women's washroom.

Lock 21


Lock 21 is an upcoming restaurant that plans to allow people to dine 20 metres 'underwater'; in the famous Peterborough lift lock. The lift lock itself is known to be haunted by the ghost of an unidentified woman who was burned at the stake in the 1840s, as well as by the spirits of those who have committed suicide at the lock in the past. Past guests have reported screams, flickering lights, odd odours, footsteps, and images of faces at the lift lock.

The Olde Angel Inn


The Olde Angel Inn is the oldest operating inn in the province. It was established in 1789 and rebuilt after the War of 1812. The restaurant is said to be home to the ghost of Captain Colin Swayze, who roams the inn at night and sometimes rearranges the place settings in the inn's dining room.

Pheasant Plucker


Pheasant Plucker is haunted by a few active ghosts, including that of an elderly man and a "woman with the fiery hair". The elderly man is known to terrorize the restaurant's guests, particularly women. One female psychic was even held by an invisible force by the arm and pulled back across one of the rooms on the second floor.

Inn at the Falls


Inn at the Falls is an 1870s building that is said to be haunted by three ghosts - Charlie, Sarah and Bob. They are often seen floating around the inn's halls, causing odd paranormal events including randomly moving objects and eerie, unidentified sounds.

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