There are tons of incredible burrito places in Toronto. We've also got some pretty amazing Mexican restaurants for all Mexican foodies. These places are so popular that some have even expanded beyond Toronto! 

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There are a few burrito places that have stuck to their Toronto roots, and made the choice to not expand. Here's a list of AMAZING burrito and Mexican places that you can only find in Toronto:

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El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

This popular Mexican place is HUGE in the city. People travel here just to try their amazing Mexican cuisine. A must try for Mexican foodies!

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La Carnita // 106 John St

Another popular Mexican place in the city will fulfill all your taco, burrito, nacho cravings and then some. A Toronto fave!

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Bolets Burrito // 134 Lower Sherbourne St 

Bolets Burrito seriously serves JUMBO burritos with some pretty interesting ingredients. You can customize it however you like!

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The Burrito House // 818 Danforth Ave 

The Burrito House has a colourful aesthetic to match their colourful burritos, tacos and more! A city wide favourite.


Chino Locos // 4 Greenwood Ave

Chino Locos puts the loco in Toronto burritos. They are seriously huge!

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Utopia Cafe & Grill // 586 College St 

Utopia Cafe & Grill is a Toronto favourite. Home to many classic burgers, sandwiches and fries. But their burritos are seriously unreal, and people absolutely love them.

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Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W

This is one of the best Mexican places in the city, and the burritos surely live up to that standard!

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Burro Burrito // 655 College St 

This cheap burrito place is perfect for late night cravings after a night out in the heart of Little Italy.

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Milagro // 5 Mercer St

Another Mexican restaurant to add to the list, Milagro serves all the Mexican classics. And their burritos are obviously stellar.

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Playa Cabana // 111 Dupont St 

These fancier burritos are a must try for any burrito lover in the city. They are smaller than most, but they're truly small and mighty with flavour!

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Tacos El Asador // 690 Bloor St W

This busy taco, burrito and tostada joint has been around for a while. It brings a warm atmosphere where you can chill out and indulge in a delicious burrito of your choice.