Toronto is home to many cultures. This is great news for our restaurant culture. We've got AMAZING restaurants from different cultures around the globe. One of the more recent cuisines to pop up all over the city is Ramen. 

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Ramen is a Japanese dish that consists of noodles in broth with vegetables, meat and usually has toppings such as dry seaweed, green onions or egg. We love a good bowl of ramen in Toronto, and there are tons of amazing spots you need to try out ASAP:

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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka // 91 Dundas St E 

This international ramen chain has a store in Toronto, and is a consistent favourite for ramen lovers in Toronto.

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Ramen Raijin // 24 Wellesley St W

The interior design of this spot will surely keep you around. With a casual atmosphere and delicious food, this spot is must go to.

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Kinton Ramen // 396 Church St 

Kinton is a popular spot for Ryerson students, and their downtown Toronto location is always packed. They have 5 locations in Toronto, 1 in Markham and 1 in Montreal, ramen anywhere, and always.

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Ramen Isshin // 421 College St

This popular spot is perfect for all ramen lovers. They even have vegetarian options!

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Ajisen Ramen // 332 Spadina Ave

This ramen spot has online delivery (score), great service and great food of course!

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Kenzo Ramen // 372 Bloor St W

This ramen spot is all about comfy vibes complete with noodles & sauces made in house. Kenzo is perfect for large groups!

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Touhenboku Ramen // 2459 Yonge St 

They also have vegetarian based broth, and take pride in making all noodles and sauces in house, as well as using the freshest ingredients.

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Kyouka Ramen // 2222 Queen St E

Another favourite ramen place in the city is popular among east-enders.

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Momofuku Noodle Bar // 190 University Ave

This NYC ramen shop serves all kinds of dishes, and specializes in a sleek atmosphere and amazing service.

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Sansotei Ramen // 179 Dundas St W

Sansotei makes their ramen with a signiture pork-bone broth, making each bowl unique!

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Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya // 690 College St 

Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya, was established in Toronto in January 4 years ago, and is actually the only Okinawan-style Izakaya in Toronto!

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